Is Taking A Two Week Break In Our Relationship A Good Idea Right Now?

Discuss whatever issues that your relationship is suffering from with your partner immediately.

Is Taking A Two Week Break In Our Relationship A Good Idea Right Now?Taking a two week break is not going to change the issues or make them magically disappear.

All you are doing is going away from each other for a period of time and nothing more.

What is actually getting accomplished while you are taking that break?

You are away from each other.

Nothing is being resolved when you are not in the same physical space to solve the problems.

Some people in relationships have the false notion that by taking a break from their partner, everything gets back to normal or gets better when they get back together.

Unfortunately, this isn’t how things work out.

It is almost like sweeping dirt under a rug and going off on vacation for two weeks.

When you get back from vacation, that dirt remains under the rug.

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In other words, your relationship problems don’t get fixed by going away for two weeks.

You and your partner need to sit down and work this out.

Have a frank discussion with each other where you both express your opinions.

The goal is to be civil and work through these issues together.

Don’t succumb to emotion and point fingers at each other.

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Belligerence doesn’t resolve relationship issues.

Levelheadedness replaced by bickering gets you nowhere.

Do you want a shot at saving your relationship?

A yes to this question means you are ready to practice patience with your partner.

Temper moments of rising belligerence from your partner with levelheadedness and calm.

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A partner who sees how much effort you are putting into having a civil discussion is more prone to doing the same.

Taking a two week break is not the solution to your relationship problems.

The sooner you tackle these problems as opposed to hide from it, the sooner you get it resolved.

Have this heart to heart discussion and be fair with each other.

Give your partner the freedom to have their say by hearing them out without interrupting them.

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For a good relationship to happen, two partners must be ready to hear each other out and consider what is being said.

You resolve your issues when you address them head on without further delays.

Relationship problems need some time to work out.

A discussion is not guaranteed to solve all of the problems in this relationship overnight.

A discussion leads to an identification of what the problem areas are.

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From here, you mutually come up with a comprehensive plan to tackle those problem areas one at a time.

When you come up with the strategy to do this and have the patience to let this process unfold, you have the best chance at making your relationship flourish.

Face the problems head on.

Taking a break for two weeks solves nothing.

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