Should You Enter An Open Relationship With Someone You Are Dating?

Are you looking for a serious relationship with someone at this time or something more casual and open?

Should You Enter An Open Relationship With Someone You Are Dating?Consider the nature of the relationship you desire.

Figure out what you want.

This isn’t a decision solely based on what the other person wants.

Some people fall into this trap.

They enter an open relationship with someone because that is what the other person chooses.

They don’t think about what matters to them.

They enter the relationship with the assumption that their partner changes their mind in the future.

This is not the right approach.

Your decision on whether to enter an open relationship or not must be based off of what you believe to be right for you and how you feel.

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Assess your feelings and the direction in which you want to take your love life.

An open relationship works for some people.

They feel like they aren’t ready to settle down with any one person at this time.

Too preoccupied with other priorities to stay in a committed relationship with any single individual, they seek out an open relationship.

Both parties have a talk and come to a mutual understanding.

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It is a mutual understanding and decision between them that has been well-thought-out.

But, when one person wants it more than the other, there is an imbalance in the relationship that causes problems in the future.

Think about how you want to spend your life in the foreseeable future.

Do you have goals and dreams that you are primarily intent on that contradict dedicating yourself to a committed relationship?

Are you not in a place right now to open yourself up emotionally to someone?

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These are telltale signs that you are the perfect candidate for an open relationship.

Not everyone is equipped to be in an open relationship, especially those with a jealous temperament.

Are you a jealous person?

Reflect on your behavior with past relationship partners.

Were there fights about not receiving enough attention?

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Are you an attention hog?

An open relationship isn’t ideal when you have a history of craving attention from a partner who wasn’t calling, texting or complimenting you enough.

Do your due diligence to assess your temperament, history, tolerance and goals.

No matter how sexy it sounds to get into an open relationship, it is no longer fun when feelings develop.

Are you the right candidate for an open relationship?

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Don’t get seduced by the idea.

Do the work in figuring yourself out first.

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