He Visited Me For The Weekend, Now What?

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He Visited Me For The Weekend, Now What?

Maintain communication. Keep the momentum going.

If you feel like the both of you had a great time and there was a lot of chemistry there, let him know that.

If you do this, he would be more inclined to visit you again in the future.

However, try not to draw too many conclusions from the weekend.

If the both of you had a great time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the both of you are going to be soul mates.

Hence, don’t get carried away. It was just a weekend.

It can be very easy for people to get a premature impression when they experience a person in small dosages.

You would need the test of time and several experiences with this person to really decipher whether the both of you have a real chance at a fruitful romantic future.

If you learned something new about him during the weekend, you can open up the next conversation that you have with him by using that as a topic.

In essence, you can expand on what you learned and try to move forward as you get to know him better.

It’s important that you continue this momentum.

Don’t just sit back thinking that you shouldn’t initiate anything because it is all on him now.

He did visit you after all.

That does show some effort on his part.

Hence, you should continue the momentum you built with him from the weekend and keep the conversation going.

You could even take the time out to send him a goodwill card just letting him know how much you appreciated his visit.

If you wanted, you could even include some kind of souvenir in that package.

It could be any kind of item that will help him remember the experience that he had with you over the weekend.

Now, if the weekend didn’t go very well, you should assess the reasons why.

Was it due to a lack of chemistry, conversation, similarities and a lack of understanding and patience?

There was a reason why the weekend didn’t evolve the way it should have.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the both of you don’t have a future.

It may simply mean that the both of you may need more time to develop a rapport before starting any kind of romantic relationship.

If you noticed that there were still parts of the weekend that you enjoyed, you should understand that there is still a possibility for romance.

You just have to try to keep an open line of communication and see whether there can be more trust and comfort built within the relationship as time goes on.

If the weekend turned out just awful, it may be a sign that the both of you may not be compatible.

Sometimes, two people can connect very well online or when they are around friends, but the same two can fair very badly when they are on their own on an actual date.

This does happen and it may simply mean that the both of you aren’t truly that into each other.

This can be a harsh reality when you notice this but it is better to know than to keep pretending.

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