Would Guys Mind Dating A 20 Year Old Virgin?

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Would Guys Mind Dating A 20 Year Old Virgin?Most guys in your age bracket wouldn’t.

In the end, guys simply want to be with someone that they are attracted to who also happens to love them. Guys are quite simple in this aspect.

Your problem arises when you try to read too much into why guys do what they do or what they expect. This is where your lack of experience can run you astray.

When you do this, you will jeopardize your chances with guys because you would be focused on how much you don’t meet this or that expectation.

Again, guys are actually quite simple.

There is no need to overcomplicate things.

When you allow your entire focus to be about the fact that you are a 20 year old virgin, you will hamper your ability to show your true personality.

The guys would never really have the opportunity to know how wonderful of a person you are because you would be so self-conscious about this or that.

You have to let yourself open up to guys without this constant worry about being a 20 year old virgin.

A quality guy who is truly into you is not really going to care about all that.

That isn’t even in the forefront of his mind.

He is not going to bed each day thinking, “Is she a 20 year old virgin?”


He is going to bed thinking, “She was great and I can’t wait to talk to her again.”

At least, this is how it starts.

However, as time goes on, if you are to start showing signs of insecurity because of this issue, his thought process may change.

No, he is still not thinking, “Is she a 20 year old virgin?”

Instead, what he is thinking now is, “She seemed so special at first but she is acting strange now. I don’t know about this anymore.”

Right there, you may be potentially about to lose a guy who was initially very into you.

He initially judged you based on how you made him feel.

You made him feel good.

He enjoyed how the both of you interacted and got along.

He felt like there was a connection.

However, now that he has spent more time with you and the insecure “I am a 20 year old virgin” side of you has come out, he is now not as energized and enthused as he was initially.

You see what happened here?

It was never the fact that you were a 20 year old virgin that turned him off, it was the fact that you were being very unsure of yourself and you were beginning to act in a way that reflected that.

You may notice that you tend to do this with guys the more you get to know them and they get to know you.

All of a sudden you are realizing that you are really beginning to like this guy and now the insecurity of being a 20 year old virgin begins to take center stage.

You can’t let this happen.

You have to understand that this guy likes you for you.

His primary concern is not that you are a 20 year old virgin but that the both of you enjoy each other’s company and get along.

Simply allow the process of getting to know this guy unfold naturally without the insecurity of fear.

You will realize that if you do this, you may get to the point where you are not even concerned that you are a 20 year old virgin anymore.

You would simply let things be and allow the interaction to go where its going naturally.

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