Is Talking About Things On A Date That We Already Texted About Good Or Bad?

Is Talking About Things On A Date That We Already Texted About Good Or Bad?

It’s fine to talk about things on a date that you already texted about, but go further by elaborating on said topics.

Give further details.

At a date, there is greater freedom to revisit the topics that were discussed through text in a much more animated fashion.

Body language comes into play here, as your excitement in telling the story in person inspires you to speak with greater animation and inflection.

Elaborating on a specific topic when you are on a date with someone face to face is a much more personal experience than what you experience over text.

The story takes on a totally different sentiment.

Your date gets to observe your facial expressions as you speak and experience your voice intonations.

They see how animated you get over the specific topic in real life.

This is a totally different experience than when you were texting each other discussing the topic.

Talking about things on a date that you have already texted about is good because it gives you the opportunity to make that topic come to life.

So don’t worry about doing this.

Instead, get excited over retelling the topic but doing so with so much more personality and detail.


Tell the story to your date as though you were speaking about it for the first time.

To an extent, it is a first time.

The first time you are telling your date the story face to face.

Don’t think about it as a retread.

That approach affects your body language and tone, making it appear as though you are bored in retelling the story.

Use the opposite approach.

Be animated over the new details you are about to introduce into the story that were never mentioned over text and let your personality come through as you tell the story.

Get your date involved as you talk about the topic by having breaks during the retelling so that your date relates to you on something you said.

Your date draws upon their own personal experience to relate to your topic.

The beautiful thing about face to face conversation is how body language inspires mirroring.

Upon observing how animated you are in recounting the story, your date automatically mirrors your body language.

They are matching your energy, feeling as excited as you are.

This isn’t an experience that a text conversation elicits.

Talking face to face, on a date, is such a different experience, as long as you are ready to showcase your personality as you recount a story.

Think about the hand gestures and facial expressions that convey excitement about a topic during a face to face date.

This isn’t doable with text messages.

Your voice rises and falls as you reach different levels in the story that affects you emotionally.

These extra details makes it feel like you two are hearing the topic for the very first time on your date, even though you had texted each other about it in the past.

On your date, approach the topic with a new set of lenses and your date is going to match your enthusiasm, making for a great date.


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