Is Talking About Things On A Date That We Already Texted About Good Or Bad?

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Is Talking About Things On A Date That We Already Texted About Good Or Bad?

It’s fine.

If you were to bring up topics on a date that you already texted about, simply elaborate on them.

In other words, talk about the topic in more detail.

You can now do so without hindrance.

It is a lot easier to elaborate on a particular topic when you are on a date with someone face to face than over text.

The story takes on a totally different sentiment.

Your date gets to observe your facial expressions as you speak and experience your voice intonations.

They essentially get to see how animated the particular topic makes you in real life.

This is a totally different experience than if you were simply to text about the topic.

Hence, talking about things on a date that you have already texted about is good because it gives you the opportunity to make that topic come to life.

You should try to let yourself be as natural as possible.

The last thing you want is to come off as though you are not sure of yourself.

It would make your story seem inauthentic and forced.

This can happen when you worry too much about bringing up a topic that you have already texted each other about.

That worry will show in the way you talk and in your body language.

Your date would most likely notice this and it may make them uneasy.

Thereby, do try to relax.

Tell the story to your date as though you were speaking about it for the first time.

In some ways, it is.

This is really the first time you are telling your date the story face to face.

Hence, use the approach of freshness to tell the story.

Let them see how animated you get when you talk about it.

Also, what you can also do is try to get your date to relate to what you are talking about.

If you were to involve your date in what you are talking about, it would make for a much more exciting and rewarding interaction.

What you will notice is that, if you have been honest in your portrayal of the topic and shown your animation, your date may try to mirror what you have been doing.

In other words, when they begin to relate to the topic by telling you about their own experiences, they will also become excited.

You will notice more hand gestures and facial expressions that convey excitement about the topic.

You will notice their voice rise and fall as they reach different levels in the story that affects them emotionally.

In essence, the both of you would be experiencing this topic as though it were for the first time even though you had both texted about it in the past.

Try to look at the topic with a new set of lenses.

This is the kind of approach you should have to this.

Tell it from an excited perspective that elaborates on the details and allows your body language to express it in kind.

If you get your date to relate to you often as you tell your story, you will create a strong sense of camaraderie which could lead to romantic chemistry.

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