If You No Longer Want To Date Someone?

If You No Longer Want To Date Someone?

Sounds like you have been on a few dates with this person and you don’t see any future with them.

The chemistry isn’t there for you or you have lost interest for whatever reason.

Be honest with this person.

Advise them that you don’t believe this is going to work out, as your heart is no longer in it and you want to move on.

Be totally civil about it.

But, it must be said.

Don’t wait on this, hoping that something magical happens.

Going on additional dates doesn’t magically create the spark that has been missing.

This is a waste of their time and yours.

Something has led to this.

Ever considered that you never liked this person as much as they did you.

Yes, there was initial interest, but it was so flimsy that it has now been extinguished after a few dates.

Chemistry was elusive on these dates.

Yes, you got along with each other but there was something missing in every date.

Now that you know it was chemistry, there is no reason to keep this up.

Chemistry is a must in romance.

Without it, romance is unfeasible.

Sometimes we come to the conclusion we don’t want to date someone when we realize that we weren’t ready to date in the first place.

Are you ready to date?

Do you feel the need to take some time out for yourself to grow as a person?

This isn’t your fault.

Until now, you hadn’t acknowledged that you needed a break from dating.

Take that break.

People aren’t going anywhere.

When you are ready to date again, people are everywhere.

What about chemistry you have recently found with someone else?

Someone else has come into your life and you feel greater chemistry with this person.

This wasn’t expected but your feelings don’t lie.

The sooner you advise the person you have been actively dating that you no longer want to date, the better.

This gives you an open path to pursue whatever comes of this other courtship with a clear conscience.

What happens when you wait?

When you wait, as you persist in dating this person that you no longer want to date, they become increasingly attached to you.

They see you as a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Soon, their family, friends and acquaintances are told about you and you are referred to as the girlfriend or boyfriend.

This person’s mental picture of what you are and what you mean to them in their lives is so attached to their own sense of identity, that they are struggling to get you out of their mind.

Once the person that you are dating has reached this magnitude of emotional involvement, it is harder for them to let you go and move on.

Right now, the doubt and displeasure you feel is for a reason.

This is how your body and mind is informing you that you no longer want to date this person.

It’s time to stop wasting each other’s time and end it.

Be straightforward about it.

The less ambiguous you are, the clearer the message, leaving no misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

This is how you end this right.


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