Is A Guy Who Slept Next To You, Snuggling You All Night, Wanting More? Or Is It Just A Comfort Thing?

When the both of you sleep next to each other regularly and snuggle up, but nothing ever happens beyond that, he doesn’t want more, he likes you as a friend.

Is A Guy Who Slept Next To You, Snuggling You All Night, Wanting More? Or Is It Just A Comfort Thing?A guy who persists in sleeping next to and snuggling up to a girl that he is interested in romantically has an intention.

Repeatedly putting himself in this position without doing anything beyond this act, is equivalent to a guy who is torturing himself.

It is too overbearing to be this physically close to someone he wants to have sex with and only relegate himself to snuggling with them, each and every time.

There is a higher likelihood he likes you when he doesn’t encourage this, leaving you to be the one to ask to snuggle.

A guy who keeps this situation at a minimum, leaving you to request snuggling up together at all or most of these occasions, is someone who likes you and wants more, but doesn’t trust himself.

A guy who habitually sleeps next to you, snuggling you all night and is the one who requests to do this most times, derives comfort from it and doesn’t want more.

He is comfortable with you.

A sensitive guy that appreciates the closeness of another female.

It doesn’t mean that he wants to take that closeness any further than that.

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In this situation, pay attention to how quickly he falls asleep.

Does he fall asleep relatively quickly right after the both of you snuggle up?

Does he ever leave time to talk while you are snuggled up?

When he falls asleep quickly every time he sleeps next to you and snuggles up, your warm body is lulling him to sleep and he is already in dreamland.

On the flip side, a guy who wants more wants to talk.

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He isn’t ready to be lulled asleep, being too excited to have you this close to him.

Thanks to the intimate setting, he wants to hear your voice.

These are the moments where the emotional intimacy is supposed to grow and flourish.

When these moments don’t exist and he goes right to sleep relatively quickly, it is unlikely he is interested in intimacy, emotional or otherwise.

Pay attention to his body language.

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When the both of you are snuggling up, how does he posture?

Does he maintain a space between you as he touches your shoulder or waist but doesn’t completely wrap around you?

How long does he maintain eye contact before turning over on his side and falling asleep?

Maintaining a space between you and a hand that only touches but doesn’t wrap around is a guy who doesn’t want more.

The space between your bodies is his barrier.

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His arms touching a shoulder or waist without fully wrapping around you is his reluctance to fully commit.

Meaning, he doesn’t want to go too far, as he isn’t into you like that.

Alternately, when his hands are wrapped entirely around you and he presses his body into yours, he wants more.

He is committing to the snuggle wholeheartedly by going through with it fully.

Not maintaining eye contact for long and turning over on his side to fall asleep without instigating and maintaining conversation for an extended period of time is a guy who doesn’t want more.

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He is showing a reluctance to establish a deeper emotional connection through eye contact and conversation.

Alternately, maintaining eye contact with you for an extended period of time, as he initiates and maintains conversation with you until you both feel sleepy, is a guy who wants more.

This is how he practices emotional intimacy with you.

As aforementioned, you have greater odds of a guy wanting more and having romantic interest in you when he regularly avoids this situation, as the temptation is too great for him to resist wanting to have sex with you, leaving you to request theses sleepovers most times.

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