Is A Guy Who Slept Next To You, Snuggling You All Night, Wanting More? Or Is It Just A Comfort Thing?

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Is A Guy Who Slept Next To You, Snuggling You All Night, Wanting More? Or Is It Just A Comfort Thing?It really depends on how often he does this.

If the both of you tend to sleep next to each other often and snuggle up but nothing ever happens beyond that, he may really just like you as a friend.

It would be very difficult for a guy to continue sleeping next to and snuggling up to a girl that he is interested in romantically.

It would simply become too overbearing to be around a person that he would actually want to have sex with and only relegate himself to snuggling with them.

Hence, he would make sure that this rarely happens just so that he doesn’t take things too far.

The temptation to go for more would simply be too much.

Hence, a guy like this wouldn’t make a habit of sleeping next to you and snuggling up to you.

As I mentioned earlier, if this is a guy that has done this with you quite often, it is unlikely that he wants more than just friendship.

He is very comfortable with you and so he does it.

He may also be a sensitive guy that may appreciate the closeness of another female.

It doesn’t mean that he wants to take that closeness any further than that.

In this situation, you should also pay attention to how quickly he falls asleep.

Does he fall asleep relatively quickly right after the both of you snuggle up?

Does he ever leave time to talk while you are snuggled up?

If so, what is talked about?

If he falls asleep very quickly every time he sleeps next to you and snuggles up, it is unlikely that he wants anything more.

Typically in a position like this, a guy who wants more would want to talk. Thanks to the intimate setting, he may want you to tell him something about yourself.

Something that he hasn’t learned from you in daily life.

These are the moments where the emotional intimacy is supposed to grow and flourish.

If these moments don’t exist and he goes right to sleep relatively quickly, it is unlikely he is interested in any kind of intimacy, emotional or otherwise.

You should pay attention to all of this if you are trying to determine if he wants more.

Something else you should pay attention to is his body language.

If the both of you are snuggling up, where does he tend to put his hands?

Does he keep his hands closer to himself?

Does he just place it on some part of your body but doesn’t take it any further or move it much?

Is it wrapped around a certain part of your body?

How long does he maintain the contact before turning over on his side and falling asleep?

If his hands are kept closer to himself, this is typically an indication that he doesn’t want something more.

By doing this, he is to some extent creating a barrier.

If his hands are wrapped all the way around your waist on a consistent basis and stays in that position throughout the night, he may want more.

This is because he is committing to the snuggle wholeheartedly by going all the way.

However, do remember that, if he continues assuming this position over a sustained period of time and doesn’t take it any further, he may just have a lot of affection for you and nothing more.

If his hand is just placed on a body part and doesn’t move much or wrap around, he may not want more than the platonic snuggle.

This is because he is not fully committing to the snuggle.

If he were to change positions and maybe turn on his side away from you as the night transpires, he may not see this as anything more than platonic.

These are some of the cues you should watch for when you are in this situation. They help in giving you some perspective.

In the end though, the best determiner of interest is time.

The more he sleeps next to you and snuggles up but doesn’t go any further, the less likely he wants something more.

The less he sleeps next to you and snuggles up, the more likely he wants more but is trying to keep himself from going any further than is comfortable between the both of you.

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