How Do I Know This Relationship Is Right For Me?

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How Do I Know This Relationship Is Right For Me?Determining whether the relationship is right for you comes down to your frame of mind and the kind of chemistry you have with this person.

Some people get into relationships just for the sake of them.

They either don’t want to be alone because they don’t think they can handle it or they follow society’s standards.

Society dictates that they be in a relationship, so they get into one.

Truly, relationships are meant to be partnerships that both parties get into because it is what is right for them.

They shouldn’t get into it because that’s what is expected of them.

This is a good place to start.

Figure out why you are in the relationship in the first place.

What was your motivation behind it?

Did you feel a strong sense of chemistry and connection with this person?

Was your frame of mind balanced at the time or were you acting out of loneliness, desperation or boredom?

It’s one thing to get into meaningless relationships simply because you want to pass the time or just have sex.

As long as both parties are in on it, no one gets hurt.

However, if you are in a relationship where one party thinks that there is more substance and you are thinking the exact opposite, it is best to act before someone gets hurt.

Hence, your best chance at solving this is to simply figure out where you stand mentally and how your chemistry with this person tends to play out.

Use your gut instincts.

As human beings, we do have instincts.

Instincts can help us determine how we truly feel about something.

There are times when our hearts refuse to let us see the truth.

We may not want to see that truth because we are too lazy or too scared to truly understand our motivations.

Again, we may believe that we are in a relationship for the right reasons when in fact we aren’t.

Sometimes, it can be truly difficult to force ourselves to stop thinking with our hearts and allow our instincts to tell us the truth.

If you are feeling odd about this relationship and out of place, there is a good reason for that.

It may not necessarily have anything to do with the other person.

This person may be perfectly fine.

However, the issue may lie with you.

There may be something that you want to get done in your life that you feel is more important.

This relationship may be hindering you from that goal.

There may be someone else that you like more.

That person may be in your thoughts often, even when you are with the person who you are currently in a relationship with.

Again, the answer really lies in what you are feeling within.

If you are around this person and you rarely feel at ease, there is a problem.

It isn’t worth it to try to mask the truth from yourself. This will only lead to more problems.

When you mask the truth, you are not being honest in the relationship.

Your partner may ask you if everything is alright and you say yes when in fact it isn’t.

You can’t build a good relationship out of lies or half-truths.

Figure out where you stand.

Do you feel odd?

If so, it’s best to end the relationship and work on yourself.

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