Sleeping Over At New Boyfriend’s House Soon. Will He Try To Have Sex With Me?

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Sleeping Over At New Boyfriend's House Soon. Will He Try To Have Sex With Me?

He may try to have sex with you if that is how he feels that the night has been going and if you haven’t set expectations.

If you haven’t set expectations as to why you are sleeping over and what you intend to do with him while there, he may feel that this would be an opportunity to have sex.

Also, it really depends on how far the both of you have gone in this relationship.

If the both of you have messed around in the past and gotten close to having sex but didn’t quite get there, he may see this as an opportunity to close the deal.

Again, you really have to figure what exactly you want as well.

If you are trying to tell yourself that all you want to do while you are over at his house is hang out and nothing else, you may have to rethink this.

Is that really all you want? Are you sure that there isn’t a part of you that wants more than that?

Perhaps, you do want to have sex with him but aren’t quite willing to let yourself admit that.

Either way, your purpose really should be clear.

You have to know exactly where you stand in this relationship and what you want out of it at the moment.

If all you want is to continue to get to know him better and not take things any further, that should be the expectation that you set with your boyfriend.

However, if on the other hand, you do plan to mess around with him but you don’t want to take it as far as sex, you should be careful.

Here’s why.

Typically, if you just want to kiss and mess around a little with him and not take it any further, you both could get carried away in the moment.

Since, you would be at his house, there would also be a feeling of comfort.

This type of environment may seem like the appropriate place to go further.

Before you know it, the both of you are moving towards sex.

Again, this environment may just start getting a bit too comfortable for you.

Do remember as well that you would be around him constantly and in close proximity.

There would be no one else that could be a distraction. It would only be the both of you.

In an environment such as this, it is a lot easier to give in to sex.

Hence, before you go to your boyfriend’s house, it’s really important that you figure out where you stand in the relationship and what you would feel comfortable doing.

When you know this, you should let your boyfriend get some kind of idea of how this experience is going to go.

If your boyfriend truly cares about you, he will respect what you have to say.

In other words, if you were to tell him that you simply wanted to hang out and nothing more, he would respect it.

You would be setting the expectations for the night so that he doesn’t get the wrong idea.

However, if you aren’t certain on how you want the night to go or if indeed you aren’t sure that you would be able to resist not having sex with him, you shouldn’t set expectations.

The last thing you want is to set an expectation only to break it while at his house.

It could make you seem unsure of yourself and even confuse your boyfriend to your real intentions.

This may cause even more stress on both you and your boyfriend.

Let events occur in a natural way, so that the both of you can be at ease as you hang out together and enjoy each other’s company.

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