Do Guys Not Always Like To Kiss?

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Do Guys Not Always Like To Kiss?

There are some guys who may not like kissing to an extent.

However, it is not necessarily the act itself that makes some guys not like to kiss.

Oftentimes, it has a lot to do with how comfortable they are with you emotionally and with themselves.

There are lots of guys who aren’t quite right with themselves emotionally.

They may put up a macho persona in order to mask any kind of emotion that they truly have.

They do this often in order to feel like they fit into a society that demands they be macho and tough and excoriates those guys who dare be in touch with their emotions.

When a guy is putting up that kind of wall that prevents him from allowing himself to feel and become emotional, kissing can become like the kiss of death to him.

It embodies everything that he has been told and shown to be unacceptable as a man.

To him, it may show weakness.

It may also show that he has a sensitive side, which again could make him look less authoritative and in charge among his peers.

These perceptions go through his mind on a regular basis.

Since a lot of his identity is attributed to how masculine and tough he is perceived to be by society, it will be that much harder for him to want to kiss you.

Hence, the issue here doesn’t necessarily lie with you or with kissing in general.

It often lies in what he perceives to be weak and a threat to the image he has so methodically built since he was younger.

Your task should be to help him open up emotionally.

You will have to get him to the point where he feels so emotionally comfortable with you that he is willing to let down his masculine wall of toughness.

A good way to do that is to try engaging in new activities with him.

Start doing activities with him that the both of you never do.

They should be activities that would require the both of you to depend on each other to make it work.

In other words, you would both have to act as a team in order to ultimately attain a particular goal.

You both could enter some kind of competition for example.

Something that may require the both of you to train together or learn together to succeed.

It could be a dance competition or even a marathon of some sort.

Again, events like this require the both of you to work as a team and rely on each other to succeed, otherwise it would be impossible to complete the task.

These activities also take time to achieve as the both of you will be training and practicing together.

These are the moments where your trust for each other will begin to grow as the both of you rely more and more on each other.

In time, he will start feeling more of an emotional connection with you because he would feel a kinship with you.

As partners, you would be going through the highs and lows of your training together.

That kind of experience creates a closeness that automatically starts peeling off emotional walls and barriers.

This helps tremendously.

This is when he will open up to you and you will realize that not only is he responding well to kissing but he may also be the one initiating it.

He may not have been all about kissing at first but now he realizes its importance to the relationship.

Hence, he begins to also look at it as a way to show affection towards you.

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