Would Girls Date A Guy That’s Not Funny And Doesn’t Have Much Personality?

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Would Girls Date A Guy That's Not Funny And Doesn't Have Much Personality?

Most girls prefer to date a guy who has personality.

Being funny is a plus.

However, personality truly is most important.

This is what girls use to differentiate one guy from the next.

The thing is, oftentimes, personality is what sets you apart.

A girl may compare you to another guy and like the both of you equally.

She may find you both equally attractive and appreciate both of your social statuses in life.

However, what typically makes her end up dating one guy over the other is the difference in personalities.

This is often what girls typically use to make their final judgment on which guy to date when they find that they like two guys equally.

This is why a personality is so important.

It is more important than being funny.

Being funny can actually be dangerous if the girl you are talking to doesn’t like your brand of humor.

It could actually be a detriment to your aspirations with girls if you always fall on being funny as a tactic to get them.

Again, this girl may not like your brand of humor or she may simply not be into funny, period.

Being funny typically works in your favor when you have actually had some time to build enough rapport with the girl that you get a sense of her temperament.

At that moment, you will have a measured sense of intuition that will enable you to know whether you should get into your funny mode.

Hence, personality really is what wins out above all.

Are there girls who will date a guy who isn’t funny and doesn’t have much personality?


However, there simply aren’t that many and the truth is, the moment a guy with personality comes along, your relationship may be over.

Treading along in a relationship when you don’t have much personality doesn’t enable that relationship to have the best chance of lasting.

You may become boring very quickly in her eyes and as mentioned earlier, the moment an interesting guy with personality comes along, she may leave you for him.

If you feel like you aren’t funny or don’t have much personality, you should try to work on this.

Particularly the personality part.

One of the best ways to have a personality is to find out what you are passionate about.

This could take time if you can’t really think of anything that you are passionate about.

You may have to make a list of some of the things you would love doing or experiencing that you may not have tried yet.

Once you know, start doing them.

Yes, start taking those guitar lessons that you have been putting off for years.

Start playing that sports game with new peers that you have been putting off.

Start researching on that new book or project that you have been procrastinating on and get it done.

Once you start giving yourself new goals to attain, your life will begin to engineer itself towards that goal. You will have passion.

You will start talking about what you are doing to friends and strangers.

They will be curious about you.

They may ask you how long you have been working on the project or what got you so interested in it.

You become interesting to them.

This is when you have built personality.

Once you have personality, girls will begin to notice you because you will begin to stick out from all the other guys.

This is where they may ultimately want to get to know you more and possibly become a future girlfriend.

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