Would Girls Date A Guy That’s Not Funny And Doesn’t Have Much Personality?

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Would Girls Date A Guy That's Not Funny And Doesn't Have Much Personality?

Most girls prefer to date a guy who has personality.

Being funny is a plus, but personality matters.

Personality is what girls use to differentiate one guy from the next.

Personality is what sets you apart.

There are occasions where a girl compares you to another guy and likes the both of you equally, finding you equally attractive in physicality and social status.

What persuades her to date one guy over the other is the difference in personalities.

This is what the girl uses to make her final judgment on which guy to date when they identify that they like two guys equally.

Personality trumps funny.

Being funny is risky when the girl you are talking to doesn’t like your brand of humor.

Assuming that every girl understands your brand of humor, or embraces humor, is folly.

Funny works when her temperament falls in line with it.

Her temperament is unraveled by building rapport with her.

This is when you know whether funny is her jam or not, and it requires time.

Whereas, having personality from the outset doesn’t require uncovering her temperament.

She either connects with your personality, or she doesn’t.

Having both personality and being funny are the ideal.

Are there girls who date guys who aren’t funny, without much personality?


But, there aren’t that many and the moment a guy with personality comes along, your relationship is over.

A guy with personality eliminates her boredom.

He is charismatic, unpredictable and just plain fun.

You don’t have to be Mr. Personality, but it doesn’t hurt to find your personality.

We all have personality.

Explore yours by uncovering what you are passionate about.

Create a list of some of the activities you are interested in experiencing, then do them.

Yes, take those guitar lessons that you have been putting off for years.

Play that sports game with new peers.

Volunteer for a course you hold dear.

Travel to your dream locale.

Giving yourself new goals steers your life into a path of purpose.

The passion shows.

Instinctively, you talk about what you are doing to friends and strangers.

They are curious about you.

They ask for further details about an activity you are doing or recently experienced, as you have aroused their interest.

Wow, what a life you have.

This is when you have built personality.

Thanks to your personality, you are sticking out from other guys.

Women sense your energy and need to be around you.

Now you have their attention and finally, a shot at attaining a girlfriend.

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