How To Invite My Boyfriend To A Party For My Friend Without Making It Look Like He Is Obligated To Go?

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How To Invite My Boyfriend To A Party For My Friend Without Making It Look Like He Is Obligated To Go?

You should give him an idea of the kind of people and activities that are going to be held at the party.

This should be done methodically and with a subdued flair.

In order to make him feel like he isn’t obligated to go but wants to go, you should try to sell him on the fun aspects of the party in a very subtle way.

It’s a good idea to find out what kinds of activities and people are going to be present at the party from the person hosting it.

Really try to get as much detail as possible.

You may even suggest a few things that can be done to help spice the party up.

Suggesting activities will be a great help to you.

You already know what kinds of activities your boyfriend really enjoys.

He may really be into fun games like flag football, video games or even listening to a particular type of music.

You can suggest these activities to your friend who is hosting the party.

The host could set up an area during the party where these activities could be done.

If your boyfriend is into a particular kind of food or drink.

You can also suggest having these at the party as well or bringing them yourself.

You can ask about the type of people that are going to be there and if it would be okay if you could bring a few more of your people.

These may be people that your boyfriend may be somewhat familiar with or may feel some commonality with if your boyfriend isn’t the type to enjoy being around complete strangers.

The goal is to try to make the party as appealing as possible to your boyfriend so that you don’t even have to worry about him feeling obligated to go.

He may be so excited about everything you tell him will be going on at the party that he may be the one begging you to come along.

You should also come off as though you are not directly asking him to go.

Your discussion should be initially more in line with all the stuff that is going to be going on in this party as opposed to simply asking him directly whether he can come.

Again, the idea here is to sell it but in a subtle way.

The more you talk about it and mention activities, people or food/drinks that he loves that you know will be in ample supply at the party, the more alluring the party becomes.

Start planting the seed today.

Casually mention the party but don’t say too much about it.

As the days progress, subtly infuse the topic into your discussions with him.

You may even give off the impression initially that you are not quite sure whether you are going to go to this party that you are being invited to.

Hence, it would be almost like you are thinking out loud to yourself but he is within earshot.

Your comportment should be simply calm and unemotional at first.

If you get too emotional about the party and excited at first, this may make him start fearing that it is something that you will force him to go to and he would not have any fun at.

The more you come off as very blase about it while mentioning it semi-regularly during conversations and systematically introducing new activities that you know are going to be held at it, the more intrigued he will be.

Ultimately, don’t be surprised if your boyfriend broaches the subject himself as the party day draws closer and asks you if you had decided on whether you were going or not.

If he is bringing up the topic himself, his hope is that you are going and you are taking him along.

This is a great place to be because you wouldn’t have to force the issue with him.

It also puts less pressure on you to be responsible for whether he has a good time while being at this party.

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