Do Forehead Kisses Mean Something?

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Do Forehead Kisses Mean Something?

Forehead kisses can mean something.

It really just depends on how this person went about kissing you on the forehead.

If this person kissed you on the forehead while holding your head in his hands, this is a strong sign of meaning.

A forehead kiss like this would indicate that he is trying to draw you close and he is being affectionate.

When he holds your head in his hands and leans in to kiss your forehead, he is trying to convey the message that he is with you at that moment in every way.

He is sharing this moment with you on an emotional level.

His hands on the sides of your face is a way by which he can create an even deeper connection through touch.

Touch is a very strong indicator of interest, particularly when it lingers.

Hence, if he placed his hands on the sides of your face and looked you in the eye for a few moments before leaning in and kissing you on your forehead, you have the best shot at this meaning something.

This kind of combination of hands to face, lingering eye contact and the eventual forehead kiss is normally the three big indicators of romantic interest.

The hands are used to create that initial physical connection. It is done softly because he is using the palms of his hands to touch both sides of your face.

At this point, he is creating that physical connection that allows him to get a good idea of how you are connecting with him.

If your face feels soft and willing in his hands, he feels more comfortable that you are not resisting and that you must be feeling a romantic connection as well.

This is especially true if he feels your face lean into one side of the touch.

You may do it ever so slightly but he felt it.

He felt the softness of your face lean into his hand.

Once this physical connection has been established, he looks into your eyes for a sustained period of time.

He wants to create even more of a romantic connection by determining whether you will continue looking into his eyes or whether you will look away.

If you sustain the eye contact, he is emboldened and feels like you are both on the same level of romantic interest.

Now he leans in and kisses you on the forehead.

He is kissing you on the forehead because he isn’t quite ready to kiss you on the lips.

He is still trying to create enough of a connection with you before he makes that move.

He wants to know how you will react to the kiss to the forehead.

Will you hold his hands as he does it?

Will you close your eyes?

Will you stay right there and let it happen in a relaxed fashion or will you pull back?

He is basically testing the waters.

If you are responsive to the kiss by staying there, perhaps closing your eyes ever so slightly or fully and even touch his hands as he does it, he may believe that you are willing to take this to the next level.

The next time he sees you, he just may kiss you on the lips.

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