I Have Never Had A Girlfriend And I Am Losing Hope With Every Day That Passes

When you have never had a girlfriend and you want one, the solution primarily lies in assessing yourself with a candid approach.

I Have Never Had A Girlfriend And I Am Losing Hope With Every Day That PassesGrab a pen and paper for notes.

Instead of losing hope with every day that passes, make the adjustments.

What you are about to do is open a self-critical book to who you are as a person, and frankly, this part is normally harder than the part about scoring a girlfriend.

It forces you to come to terms with areas of your life and temperament that you aren’t too proud of or are deficient in.

Firstly, your self-esteem.

How do you value yourself?

Do you think highly of yourself or not?

Not thinking highly of yourself is to your detriment.

Realize your value and worth.

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This in turn empowers you to grow your self-confidence.

Self-confidence is a major ingredient that simplifies everything, including scoring a girlfriend.

A scarcity of it means you need to build it.

Challenge yourself to do little challenging tasks each day, that aren’t typical or within your normal routine.

How about saying hello to a complete stranger?

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Venture through a different part of town that you don’t normally use in route to work, a store, a coffee shop, the gym, wherever.

Change your mode of transportation.

Take a bus or train some days and insert yourself around strangers.

Eat something that you have never tried at a different restaurant you have never been to.

Talk to an acquaintance or coworker that you haven’t spoken to in a while.

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The exercises are limitless.

Embracing these smaller tasks forces you to break out of your comfort zone.

Succeeding in these smaller tasks encourages you to challenge yourself further.

Soon, your budding self-confidence empowers you to join a new interest group that is filled with strangers who share the same interest, whether it be in sports, academics, the arts, etc.

Suddenly, you are inspired to go on a weekend trip somewhere, ready for adventure and sightseeing.

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Yes, in the last few weeks you have inserted yourself around strangers, but you have learned to be comfortable with your own company too.

As you grow in self-confidence, you attract other people.

By nature, people are drawn to gusto and adventure.

The life you have led recently has been filled with these and you attract these people like a moth to a flame.

Acquaint yourself with these new people that come into your life, attracted to your lifestyle.

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Many of them are girls.

Don’t get overly excited about the first girl that shows you attention.

That’s a turn off to girls, giving them the impression that you aren’t used to receiving this attention from girls, which makes you less of a catch.

Instead, play it cool.

Talk to her as though you have been here before.

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Talk about your adventures, be lighthearted and funny.

Ask her questions about herself, being that there is a chance there are shared interests, which makes her that much more attracted to you.

You are going to have more conversations with different girls as time goes on, further improving your social skills with them.

In time, never having a girlfriend is a thing of the past.

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