I Want A Metal Head Guy

I Want A Metal Head Guy

Many metal head guys guys congregate online or in local communities that serve this group.

What genre of rock music do you most connect with?

Do you like it jarring and non-conservative?

You have a lifestyle that doesn’t play by the rules and sticks a middle finger to sterilized norms.

Metal head guys occupy areas where they are free to express themselves.

Doing a search online for those communities is a good idea, but there are alternatives.

Check your local entertainment magazines and newspapers.

They have advertisements or articles about local events.

Go to the rock, punk or alternative sections.

Here is where you gauge the popularity of the metal head scene in your town.

Not much there?

Be open to relocating to a town where there is an active metal head scene.

Some of the most active metal music scenes in the USA are in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Austin, Texas.

Are you ready to relocate?

Consider it.

Otherwise, create your own metal head enclave in your own town.

Metal heads are underserved in your town.

Like roaches, they are clamoring to find other kin.

A spot where they meet to connect with like-minded metal heads.

You are that conduit.

Get the word out.

Go on online forums around metal music and let forum members know you are organizing a local group for metal heads.

Create a local Facebook group or Meetup centered on metal.

Launch ads in the local trades and newspapers announcing the group.

Have a spot already set up for weekly meetups where you gather to socialize and listen to metal.

Alternately, going to metal concerts gives you access to lots of metal head guys.

Do a search online for the next metal concert coming to your town or a town outside.

A metal concert outside your town is worth going to.

Plan ahead, as far as travel and accommodations.

Metal concerts attract metal heads from everywhere.

Dress the part.

Do your makeup right.

Socialize with the metal head aficionados you meet and exchange contact information to stay in touch.

Somewhere in this mix, your metal head boyfriend awaits.


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