Online Dating: When I Talk To Guys, What Should I Say?

To open up a conversation with a guy online, address a detail on his dating profile that captured your attention.

Online Dating: When I Talk To Guys, What Should I Say?A photo that shows him climbing a mountain or looking over a fantastic countryside, is a healthy opener.

Relate to him by informing him about your shared interest in travel or your love of nature.

Sharing something in common alleviates the pressure of coming up with something to talk about off the cuff.

This style of communicating with guys online has the added effect of reminding him of a pleasant memory.

Recalling a pleasant memory automatically puts him in a good mood.

When he is in a good mood, he is inclined to communicate back.

He wants to talk to the person that made him feel that pleasant emotion.

This is how we are as human beings.

We want to be around people that make us feel good or put us in a happy mood.

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This is why we befriend people that make us happy and we relate to.

A dating profile picture that has the best odds to put him in a good mood upon addressing it in communication is the one where he has the most positive body language.

Look for smiles, hands apart, eye contact with people, shoulders upright, chest up, etc.

Something else to say to a guy on an online dating site is to ask him icebreaker questions.

This opens up a conversation and keeps it going.

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An icebreaker question is designed to provide some quick information that you then use to further conversation.

Ask the guy something outlandish or something relatively mundane.

An example of an icebreaker question is to ask him about what his favorite season of the year is.

This gets him thinking.

There are vivid images in his head.

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He recalls last winter when he went skiing or last summer when he went camping.

He recalls last spring when he went fishing.

He recalls a good memory.

From here, the conversation totally opens up.

He explains why such a season is his favorite and what he does during that season.

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This is where you talk about your own favorite season and what you do in it.

There is common ground when it is discovered that you have the same favorite season of the year or there is a shared activity.

This leads into further discussion about what you are looking forward to doing in the upcoming season.

Soon, conversation naturally segues into other topics.

Talking to guys you meet on online dating sites isn’t hard.

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Concentrate on using tools that create happy images in his head and you are already ahead of many other women who merely say, “Hi,” in a lazy attempt to communicate.

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