Online Dating: When I Talk To Guys, What Should I Say?

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Online Dating : When I Talk To Guys, What Should I Say?Try starting with something you saw on their online dating profile that captured your attention.

If you noticed a photo that showed them climbing a mountain or looking over a fantastic countryside, you can ask them about that photo.

You can relate to them by letting them know about your interest in travel or your love of nature.

This is a very effective way to open up conversation with a guy online.

It makes him feel comfortable about the fact that you already share something in common.

It also makes him recall a pleasant memory.

Recalling a pleasant memory helps to put him in a good mood.

When he is in a good mood, he would be more open to communicating back.

He would want to interact with the person that made him feel that emotion.

This is how we tend to be as human beings.

We tend to want to be around people that make us feel good or put us in a happy mood.

This is why we tend to befriend people that make us happy and we can relate to.

Hence, a good way to start a conversation with a guy online would be to find something in their online dating profile that you can relate to and has a high probability of making him feel good when you bring it up as a topic.

A good way to tell if the topic would make him feel good is in the body language he is showing in the photo.

You should be as observant of his body language as you can.

If he is smiling and having a good time in the photo, there is a good chance that this is a happy memory that will make him feel good.

Another great way to communicate with a guy when you are online dating is to ask him an icebreaker question.

Icebreaker questions are very effective.

They can really open up a conversation and keep it going.

An icebreaker question is typically designed in a way that provides some quick information that you can then use to further conversation.

You could ask the guy something outlandish or something relatively mundane.

A good icebreaker question would be to ask him what his favorite season of the year is.

This can be a very effective opener when talking to a guy.

It makes him actually think about what that season is.

When he thinks about it, he will also see images in his head.

He may recall last winter when he went skiing or last summer when he went camping.

He may recall last spring when he went fishing.

He would recall a good memory.

From here the conversation can totally open up.

He may explain why such a season is his favorite and what he tends to do during that season.

This is where you can also talk about your own favorite season and what you do in it.

There may be some common ground here.

You may discover that you have the same favorite season of the year.

This could lead into further discussion about what you are looking forward to doing in the upcoming season.

Using a photo or an icebreaker as an opener can be a very effective way to talk to guys online.

It also allows you to feel better about the fact that you are making a real effort and that you are taking this online dating experience seriously.

As long as you are taking the online dating experience seriously, you will ultimately meet the person who is right for you.

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