What Can I Do To Make My Boyfriend Trust Me Again?

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What Can I Do To Make My Boyfriend Trust Me Again?

You should be sure that whatever you did to lose your boyfriend’s trust, warranted the reaction your boyfriend gave you.

Sometimes, we can get so involved in trying to please our significant other that we take whatever they tell us to heart and believe that we were in the wrong when in fact we weren’t in the wrong.

Hence, it is very important that you examine whatever it was that led to your boyfriend no longer trusting you and ask yourself if indeed this occurrence was your fault.

Do this conscientiously and be real about it.

Now, if you do this and still feel that the fault was on your part, the best way to rebuild trust with your boyfriend is to be subtle in your approach.

This simply means that you don’t overdo it.

Oftentimes, when a partner is trying to gain back the trust of their mate, they try too hard and ultimately ruin it.

They ruin it because it feels like a sham.

When your boyfriend sees how hard you are trying to obviously gain his trust back, the effect could actually do the reverse of what you intended.

He will begin to feel like you really did mess up by virtue of how hard you are trying.

This in turn will make him even distrust you more.

Hence, your attitude should be one of building rapport back gradually between the both of you.

Just enjoy each other’s company again. Try to engage in new and fun activities together.

Don’t be overly affectionate during these moments.

Simply engage and be as fun as you can.

You shouldn’t constantly mention the past.

Your focus should always be on the present and the task at hand.

Again, stay away from referencing the problem as much as possible.

He should be allowed to just be in the moment without constant reminders of the past.

As time goes on and you continue building rapport almost as though you two are getting to know each other for the first time, his sense of comfort around you will grow.

Once his sense of comfort grows, his sense of trust will as well and he may not even be aware of this.

Eventually, you will win his trust back and move forward.

This will require some patience on your part but you should put out the effort regardless.

If the relationship means something to you and you see a future with him, it would be worth all the effort and time required to win back his trust.

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