What Can I Do To Make My Boyfriend Trust Me Again?

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What Can I Do To Make My Boyfriend Trust Me Again?

Whatever you did to lose your boyfriend’s trust, don’t misread it.

Sometimes, we are so committed in pleasing our significant other, we take whatever they tell us to heart and believe that we were in the wrong when in truth we weren’t in the wrong.

Examine whatever it was that led to your boyfriend no longer trusting you and ask yourself whether it was truly your fault.

Upon thorough examination, an affirmation that you were at fault means that you need to now work on rebuilding trust with your boyfriend.

Don’t overdo it.

Oftentimes, when a partner is trying to gain back the trust of their mate, they try too hard and ultimately ruin it.

It feels like a sham.

Your boyfriend witnesses how hard you are working on regaining his trust and there is a reverse effect.

By virtue of how hard you are working at it, he surmises that you clearly messed up and know it.

His guard goes up and distrust continues to simmer.

Going with a full-court press to regain his trust is too much.

Rather, use a tempered approach, targeting a goal of building rapport gradually.

Enjoy each other’s company.

Suggest and participate in new and fun activities together.

Introducing new, fun activities in your relationship infuses new energy into it.

A new experience with you provides ample time for you to fall on your faces and laugh it off, while having fun.

Don’t be overly affectionate in these moments nor constantly mention the past.

Concentrate on the present and the activity at hand.

Stay away from instigating conversations that have the effect of reminding him about why he doesn’t trust you anymore.

Be in the moment.

As time goes on and you persist in building rapport, almost as though you two are getting to know each other for the first time, his sense of comfort around you grows.

Once his comfort grows, his sense of trust follows and he isn’t aware of this.

Eventually, you win his trust back and move forward.

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