How Can I Make Him Feel Loved?

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How Can I Make Him Feel Loved?

You have to understand that your job is not to make him feel loved.

That is a very dangerous task.

If he has emotional or psychological issues, no amount of effort on your part is going to help him.

This is a problem that is innately within him.

It is his responsibility to deal with it, not yours.

Instead of focusing on trying to make him feel loved, you should focus on showing him your appreciation.

In other words, show him that you don’t take him for granted.

For example, a simple thank you on a regularly basis can have an amazing effect.

When you acknowledge what he does and make reference to it, that is a sign of appreciation.

When he notices that you appreciate him, he will start to feel loved.

Again, a lot of this simply has to do with allowing him to see that you are aware of what he does and you are grateful.

In kind, you will return the favor.

Again, be careful here.

People in relationships sometimes truly go overboard with their love.

They want to show their partner how much they love them and will overdo it.

That doesn’t help you.

Buying him the most recent electronic device or showering him with season tickets to see his favorite sports team won’t do it either.

The way you make him feel loved is in acknowledging those subtle moments and being grateful for his presence.

It could simply be a quiet day during the weekend and you are both lazying about the house, you give him a quick thank you for walking the dog or a quick kiss on the forehead or cheek as you go off and do your business.

The effect of this works a lot better than showering him with too much affection.

Showering him with too much affection will only make him feel more unease because he starts asking himself if he deserves so much.

There will be moments when you are both away from each other.

In these moments, you could send him a text of something that you know will make him smile.

Doesn’t have to be a romantic note.

It could simply be a photo or text quote that you know will put a smile on his face.

You leave it at that and move on with your day.

Again, the key is to be subtle and not overdo it.

The best approach to make him feel loved is in the little things you do for him and in what you acknowledge him for.

Always show gratitude and appreciation without expecting too much in return.

He will learn to appreciate that and will feel loved.

Do these things without expecting huge appreciation each and every time.

This way, you are really showing an authentic nature of caring and giving.

This approach alone can also make him feel loved because he senses your selflessness.

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