Would You Date A Satanist And Get Into A Relationship With Him?

When pondering whether to date a Satanist, and get into a relationship with him, put things in perspective.

Would You Date A Satanist And Get Into A Relationship With Him?First look at yourself and how you view religion.

How essential is religion in your own personal life?

Is it a big part of your life?

Do you find yourself practicing your religion on a constant basis?

When religion is impactful in your life, wanting someone who practices the same religion is common.

People often feel a sense of comfort when they are with another who shares the same belief.

Whether you share the same sentiment or not is something to ask yourself, so as to have clarity about where you stand.

A life where religion isn’t a major factor or not adhering to religion at all, leaves the onus on you to consider what your boundaries are.

Do you have any boundaries when it comes to the religion that another practices?

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Do you find yourself constantly judging people who are religious?

You don’t notice that you do.

For instance, you see a Muslim in line at a store in front of you and make a subconscious judgment about them without realizing it.

Do you do this?

Asking yourself these questions gives you some perspective in determining whether dating or not dating this Satanist is what you truly want.

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A life experience where you have never found yourself making judgments of religious people in general, not caring what they do, hasn’t left you entirely without judgment when encountering someone who practices a religion you were never exposed to growing up, or were indoctrinated to believe was evil.

Brought up to believe that Satan is the evil incarnate weakens your aforementioned general disposition to religion, leaving you doubtful about this Satanist.

You find it hard not to judge this Satanist as evil, derived from the negative connotations of the word and how you were raised to interpret it.

The word causes a multitude of reactions within, but don’t make such quick judgments until you have a sense of what this Satanist is about.

Learn more about the religion to familiarize yourself to its rules and practices.

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What you find is something seemingly harmless or not.

Nonetheless, you gain some knowledge about it and consequently decide if you are comfortable dating this Satanist.

Knowledge gives you the power to make this decision.

A decision that affects a good part of your life for the foreseeable future.

A Satanist that you develop feelings for, isn’t someone to easily cast aside.

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Both lives become intertwined for the long haul.

Understand whether this is the relationship you are fine with exploring.

Even though this person is a Satanist, there is most likely more to them than that.

An openness to everything that makes this person who they are, gives you an opportunity to discover whether this person is the right one for you.

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