Would You Date A Satanist?

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Would You Date A Satanist?

If you’re pondering whether you should date a satanist, you should try to put things in perspective.

You should first look at yourself and how you view religion.

How important is religion in your own personal life?

Is it a big part of your life?

Do you find yourself practicing your religion on a constant basis?

If religion is very important in your life, you may discover that you would rather be with who practices the same religion.

People often feel a sense of comfort when they are with another who shares the same belief.

This may not be you but you do have to ask yourself if it is.

You always need to be clear about where you stand.

However, if religion is not a major factor in your life and you may even not be religious at all, then you should consider what your boundaries are.

Do you have any boundaries when it comes to the religion that another may practice?

Do you find yourself constantly judging people who are religious?

You may not even notice that you do.

You may see a Muslim for instance in line at a store in front of you and make a subconscious judgment about them without even realizing it.

Do you do this?

Asking yourself these questions helps in allowing you to determine if dating or not dating this satanist is what you truly want.

It gives you some perspective.

If you don’t find yourself making judgments of religious people in general and simply not caring, you may be fine with the fact that this person is a satanist.

You may be doubtful now simply because this person is a satanist and you have grown up being taught about the evil of Satan.

As a result, you may find it hard not to judge this satanist as possibly evil simply because of the negative connotations of the word.

The word can cause a multitude of reactions.

You shouldn’t make such quick judgments until you have a sense of what this satanist is about.

Learn more about the religion to familiarize yourself to its rules and practices.

What you may find is something seemingly harmless.

Either way, you gain some knowledge about it and can consequently decide if you are comfortable dating this satanist.

Knowledge gives you the power to make this kind of decision.

It is a decision that could affect a good part of your life for the foreseeable future.

If this is a person that you come to have feelings for, they will probably be in your life for a good long while.

Hence, you should understand whether this is the kind of relationship that you would be fine with exploring.

Even though this person may be a Satanist, there is most likely more to this person than that.

If you are open to everything that makes this person who they are, they just may be the right person for you.

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