Should You Consider Changing Religions Or Becoming Involved In A Religion For Someone You Love?

Only consider changing religions or becoming involved in a religion for someone you love when you truly have a genuine interest in that religion.

Should You Consider Changing Religions Or Becoming Involved In A Religion For Someone You Love?You shouldn’t change religions or become involved in it to appease the one you love, hoping to look good in their eyes.

Be sincere about your intention and be confident that it is something you truly believe.

Seeing and feeling the value in the religion and genuinely believing that the religion has the potential of having positive effects in your life, is the germane moment to make this change.

People often change or become involved in a religion of the person they love, thinking that they are fully committed.

They align the person they love with the religion.

Their thoughts tell them that since they attribute so many good feelings to this person that they love, the religion that this person follows must have the same attributes.

Mistakenly, they connect the two together and believe that they should change religions, misguided by how good this person makes them feel.

This is erroneous and dangerous.

They are mentally misleading themselves.

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Covering true disinterest in a religion by pretending you are fully committed, makes you look like a pretender.

A pretender that this person you love or their friends and family see right through.

This puts you in a precarious position and jeopardizes the relationship that you have with this person.

Your goal has to be about sharing an honest and true connection with this person.

Not feeling much of a connection to this person’s religion isn’t a permission to pretend.

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All that does is lead you on a path of deception and ultimate dissatisfaction.

You end up wasting your time and emotions.

A beloved partner in a healthy relationship with you accepts you for who you are no matter what you believe.

Feeling pressured to change religions or get involved in this person’s religion solely in order to get their approval sends the message that you aren’t with the right person for you.

Don’t do something that doesn’t agree with you.

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Doing something that doesn’t agree with you eventually makes you wonder whether you made the right decision.

You initially make yourself believe that you did, but eventually, the real thinking sets in, and you realize that you shouldn’t have done it.

Stay true to what feels right to your core and who you know yourself to be.

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