25 Years Old And Never Had A Girlfriend Or Had Sex, How Pathetic Am I?

25 Years Old And Never Had A Girlfriend Or Had Sex, How Pathetic Am I?

At 25 years old and you have never had a girlfriend or had sex, an assessment of your life and asking the right questions are in order.

There are a number of reasons that you either haven’t come to terms with or you are misidentifying as something else.

A desire to have a girlfriend isn’t enough.

What exactly have you done in your 25 years of life to reach that end?

It is highly unlikely that you get a girlfriend by spending all your days and weekends at home.

Is that what you do?

Be frank with yourself and question your past actions, so as to open your eyes to your multiple errors.

When was the last time you went out to a social event?

How often do you do that?

Do you find yourself constantly turning friends down to go out to social venues because you have been rejected in the past and just don’t want to put yourself in that position?

You need to take a hard and honest look at your life and what you have been doing.

More than likely, at 25 years old, you have never had a girlfriend or had sex due to a combination of social and mental factors.

It isn’t surprising to gather that you have played it safe.

You have remained in your little bubble and refused to change it.

The famous German physicist Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”

This is apropos to your situation.

You have to take a good look at your life and make proactive changes.

A girlfriend and sex doesn’t happen without some effort on your part.

You have to become more social and go to places you typically don’t go to and just be ready to take that chance.

Open yourself up to meeting new circles of friends, giving yourself an opportunity to be introduced to new girls who are a part of the group or acquainted with them.

Change your mindset from that of defeatist to that of a winner.

You have to see that you are worth it and that you have what it takes to do this.

Rejection in the past doesn’t define you.

Move on from that and realize that not every girl is going to like you.

Persistent effort with multiple girls eventually works in your favor, as one day you meet the girl that is soon to be your girlfriend.

At 25 years of life, you are in the prime of your life and the power to change is entirely in your hands.

Make these changes and you inevitably get a girlfriend, have sex and not feel so pathetic anymore.

Lamenting never gets you very far.

At some point, it becomes all about the lament and never about the solution.

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