When Too Much Becomes Really Too Much

When Too Much Becomes Really Too Much

A partner that has become too much needs to share an earnest conversion with you.

A partner who isn’t aware that they have become overbearing isn’t aware there is a problem.

They aren’t aware that they are misbehaving and causing bitterness.

They truly believe that everything is fine, but a first step is to let them know that this really isn’t the case.

Understand where the problem is coming from.

What exactly has made your partner become too much for you?

What are they doing in particular?

Has there been a history of it and when did it sprout?

What do you think you did or didn’t do that led to your partner being too much?

There are lots of questions you need to ask yourself and be clear about, so that pointing to particular instances where your partner is made aware of where the problem sprouted and worsened make sense.

Reflect on you and what you are doing.

It is often convenient to point to the other person as the source of the problem without casting an inquisitive eye on yourself.

Have you encouraged this by what you have said and done in the past?

Be frank with yourself.

When you come to terms with the root cause of the problem and how it all commenced, you address it with your partner.

Understanding some of the intricacies of your relationship is helpful.

It has to be a conversation that is detailed in its argument and makes sense.

Don’t be mean or rude about it, as you are merely pointing out where the problem originated.

Making it clear that you know you aren’t perfect makes your partner a lot more open to understanding your point.

You point out that you do want to be better in the relationship and are open to his ideas.

You both win.

A partner who loves and respects you, heeds the discussion and stops being too much.

This leads to a more healthy relationship, promoting a better understanding of each other.

Consider how your partner has behaved in previous relationships.

What are the chances your partner’s previous lover was receptive to how overbearing they get, and loved and encouraged it?

Grasp this possibility.

In your partner’s mind, they believed that this is something permissible, enjoyable.

All based on that prior experience with a previous partner.

By being sincere with them about how this is affecting you, there is a good chance that they realize their mistake and make the necessary adjustments.


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