The “L” Word? When Is It Right To Say?

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The "L" Word? When Is It Right To Say?

If you feel like saying the “L” word, say it.

There is no preordained time to say, “I love you.”

If you think that there is, you may lead yourself astray.

So often, couples will wait to say the “L” word.

They become afraid that if they were to tell their partner that they love them, they will either make themselves vulnerable or scare their partner.

If you feel like you love your partner and truly feel that in your heart, don’t be afraid to let them know.

You may choose to hide it for a while but to what end?

Are you hoping that they get to tell you the “L” word first so that you don’t have to put yourself out there.

The problem with keeping this to yourself is that you will constantly be wondering what your partner thinks and feels.

This is dangerous.

Do they feel the same way about me?

Do they think of me often as well?

Do they love me as much as I love them? Do they love me at all?

Your thoughts will become more and more desperate over time especially if your partner hasn’t told you that they love you yet.

This will consequently affect how you interact with your partner.

You may start becoming doubtful about the relationship.

This tends to happen when you are besieged with these kinds of thoughts.

You may stop showing them affection the way you used to because you don’t know if they have the same feelings.

In essence, you stop being a partner and become a nervous wreck filled with doubt.

This is no fun for either you or your partner.

By telling your partner the “L” word, you get it done and over with.

You essentially let them know how you feel about them and leave it at that.

If they feel the same way, they will let you know.

If they don’t, you will know as well, either at that time or in short order.

Either way, you would have expressed your feelings and let it be. You don’t need to add more stress to your relationship.

Let your partner know how you feel and be done with it.

It gives you a degree of peace of mind just to let it be known and it also relieves the stress that it causes when you keep worrying about it.

Some people have been in your situation and decided not to divulge how they feel.

You may even know people in your own life who have done this.

They told you that they waited until their partner told them first.

However, even if those relationships worked out, it doesn’t mean that yours is the same.

The dynamics of your relationship may be totally different from theirs.

Hence, if you have the feeling that you want your partner to know that you love them, tell them.

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