The “L” Word? When Is It Right To Say In A Relationship?

This isn’t the first time you have felt like saying the “L” word, why not listen to your intuition?

The "L" Word? When Is It Right To Say In A Relationship?There is no preordained time to say, “I love you.”

Believing there is, leads you astray.

So often, couples wait to say the “L” word.

They are afraid that by telling their partner that they love them, they either make themselves vulnerable or scare their partner.

Love for your partner runs deep now, don’t be afraid to let them know.

You choose to hide it for a while but to what end?

Are you hoping that they get to tell you the “L” word first so that you don’t have to put yourself out there?

The problem with keeping this to yourself is that you constantly wonder what your partner thinks and feels.

This is dangerous.

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Do they feel likewise?

Do they think of me often?

Do they love me as much as I love them?

Do they love me at all?

Your thoughts become more and more desperate over time, especially when your partner hasn’t told you that they love you yet.

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Doubtfulness in the relationship sets in.

This happens when you are besieged with these thoughts.

You stop showing them affection how you used to, fearing they don’t share the same feelings.

In essence, you stop being a partner and become a nervous wreck filled with doubt.

This is no fun for either you or your partner.

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By telling your partner the “L” word, you get it done and over with.

You let them know how you feel about them and leave it at that.

A similar sentiment motivates them to let you know they feel the same.

A contrary sentiment, either compels them to tell you at that time or in short order.

Nevertheless, you have expressed your feelings and let it be.

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You don’t need to add more stress to your relationship.

Let your partner know how you feel and be done with it.

It gives you a degree of peace of mind just to let it be known and relieves the stress caused when you keep worrying about it.

Some people have been in your situation and decided not to divulge how they feel.

You know people in your own life who have done this.

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They told you that they waited until their partner told them first.

Sure, it worked out for those relationships, but it doesn’t mean you need to follow the same playbook.

The dynamics of your relationship are totally different from theirs.

A constant desire to let your partner know that you love them, are your instincts informing you that it’s time, so tell them.

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