What Stops A Guy From Asking A Girl Out?

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What Stops A Guy From Asking A Girl Out?

Fear is a big one.

Many guys fear asking a girl out because of various insecurities.

They may feel like the girl would never give them a chance because he isn’t up to her standards.

In other words, he just doesn’t measure up.

This could be in looks or status.

Guys worry about this a lot.

Through fear, their minds start making assumptions.

It can go wild with these assumptions.

Assumptions are very powerful.

They can totally deter a guy from asking a girl out.

He assumes that he couldn’t possibly meet all the requirements that she has in a mate.

He will assume that she would want a guy of a particular height, weight, bone structure, social status, ethnicity, etc.

He will allow his mind to literally go off on a tangent formulating all these so called requirements that this girl supposedly has.

And yet, he doesn’t really know this girl.

He has no idea what on earth she would be looking for in a guy.

And even if he knows her, he still doesn’t really know what kind of guy she would be open to.

Everything he is thinking is based on assumptions that are created through fear.

This is one of the most popular ways that guys stop themselves from asking a girl out.

Also, a guy may not ask out a girl because he may feel like she doesn’t have room in her life for a boyfriend.

He may see her as someone who has a very busy life.

Perhaps he is even somewhat familiar with the girl.

He sees that she is always involved in some activity.

She may be very ambitious with her studies or in her career.

She may be very active in social events.

He sees all this and determines that she has too much going on.

Hence, he doesn’t want to put her in a position that inconveniences her by asking her out.

The girl may totally have room in her life for romance.

However, the guy essentially makes himself the judge and jury on this and thereby loses out on any opportunity to date her.

In instances like this, he may also feel like he doesn’t match up with her.

He does so by drawing a correlation to his own life.

By drawing this correlation, he notices activities that don’t mesh with hers.

He may also notice that he is on a totally different career and studies trajectory that isn’t in sync with hers.

He notices all this and may feel like, not only does she not have room in her life for romance, but the both of them don’t appear to have anything in common.

This is another way that a guy will stop himself from asking a girl out.

Also, guys will stop themselves from asking a girl out due to the prospect of a rejection.

Guys don’t want to be rejected. No one really does.

The more he likes the girl, the less likely he would want to be rejected. As a result, he may stop himself from asking her out.

He doesn’t want all his dreams of being with her romantically to be ruined by her not wanting to go out with him.

He would rather keep those dreams than face the reality that she doesn’t like him the way he likes her.

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