What Would You Do If You Found Out Your First Love Was Seeing Someone Else?

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What Would You Do If You Found Out Your First Love Was Seeing Someone Else?

You will have to accept that your first love is seeing someone else and move on.

They may not even consider you to be their first love.

In other words, the feeling may not even be mutual.

You will have to understand that not everyone that you fall in love with is necessarily going to fall in love with you.

If your first love is seeing someone else, he is clearly showing that he has no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with you.

I know that this can be hard for you to accept.

Perhaps you have had some really good discussions with this person and you feel that you always seem to share really good chemistry.

The truth of the matter is, good discussions don’t necessarily mean that this person likes you the same way you like them.

Have you ever told this person who is your first love how you feel about them?

It is unlikely that you have.

If you have never told this person how you feel about them, they are probably assuming that you simply see them as a friend.

Again, this is why you should really take a close look at the kind of relationship you have with this person and try not to get carried away by your own desires.

It is easy to get lost in your desires.

You crave to be with someone so much that you simply can’t imagine that person being with anyone else.

However, this is a very dangerous and unhelpful notion to have in relationships.

As I mentioned earlier, not everyone that you have great discussions with or have good chemistry with is going to fall in love with you.

In this scenario, you really have to come to terms with the strong possibility that your first love doesn’t like you the same way you like them.

Even if you were to tell him how you feel about him, it may be too late.

You have to consider the strong possibility that your first love may actually be in love with this other person that they are seeing.

Your first love may feel more of a connection with this person and thereby they choose to date this person.

Think about it this way.

You can look at this as a learning experience by avoiding the temptation to give in to your feelings too early while in the process of getting to know someone.

You can learn to focus on simply getting to know someone and building a degree of rapport before you allow your feelings to get the best of you.

You can learn to be honest about how you truly feel about someone and let them know that when you believe that you have spent enough time building rapport and learning about this person.

It is during this period that you will discover if this person is seeing someone else or not.

It is during this period that you can also allow yourself to see more of what this person is about instead of allowing yourself to fall in love with them too soon.

You can easily fall in love too soon by believing in all the initial chemistry.

However, if you were to give the relationship time, you may discover that there are certain facets about the person that you don’t actually like.

This kind of patience empowers you and helps you avoid falling in love too quickly.

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