Did I Do The Right Thing By Giving Him Space In Our Relationship?

You did the right thing by giving him space, especially when you have been smothering him in the relationship.

Did I Do The Right Thing By Giving Him Space In Our Relationship?Giving him space doesn’t mean that you have a lot less communication or shared events together.

This is not healthy in a relationship, especially one that already has some longevity.

Giving him space is better when it is done in order for the other partner to have moments where they grow as a person.

Beware of taking it too far.

When you get to the point where you are afraid to call or text, worried that you are infringing on his space, you have taken this too far.

When you get to the point where you are worried about hanging out, not sure whether they are alright with that, you have taken this too far.

Giving him space does not mean leaving the relationship in a state of lingo.

There is a line drawn as far as how far this goes.

Give him space to pursue a hobby he loves?

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Give him space to hang out with his friends, doing stuff together that they enjoy without you having to be there?


Let him have some mental space so that he doesn’t feel the need to check up on you multiple times a day solely to confirm you are happy?


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These are all within the right limits and make sense.

The relationship flourishes when both partners have time apart from each other.

It’s about moderation.

Moderation keeps things going, providing space without taking things too far.

A good balance is essential.

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The moments you do spend together are that much more special.

It provides scope, bringing you to a recognition that there is more to life than sharing every waking moment together.

You both uncover new facets or parts of life.

These revelations strengthen your relationship, as you both continue to grow as dynamic people.

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