Atheist Woman Dating Christian Guy?

Atheist Woman Dating Christian Guy?

As an atheist woman dating a christian guy or vice versa, you will have to understand where your christian guy or atheist woman stands as far as what he or she is looking for and how open they are to you.

What kind of relationship is the christian guy or atheist woman looking for at the moment?

Is he or she looking for a long term relationship or casual.

If it is merely casual, he or she may be okay with dating you as an atheist woman or christian man for the short term.

If he or she wants a long-term relationship, things may be more complicated.

This is why it is important to understand where you both stand and what you are both looking for.

Having a candid discussion together is very crucial if you hope to make this work.

Sometimes people can get caught up or overwhelmed by passion and forget that there is a relationship that will need to be worked on if it is to work.

They just keep delaying the inevitable because they just don’t want to draw attention to the elephant in the room.

The problem with avoiding discussing where you both stand or hope to go as far as a relationship is concerned is that you can leave things for too long until someone falls in love or the stakes are raised.

Once there are deeper emotions and feelings involved, it will be a lot harder to make the relationship work because someone may be more invested in it than the other.

The person who has fallen in love may be afraid to lose the other.

They may be willing to stick with the relationship even though they know that the other will never be serious about them due to this religious difference.

However, due to their love for this person, they find a place of hope within themselves.

They hope that this other person will eventually come to accept their differences.

So they stay on in an unhealthy relationship until the other person has gotten tired of them and moved on.

Now, they are left with a broken heart and have no idea what to do.

This is never the position that you should want to be in.

Don’t allow passion or the deep chemistry you may have with this christian man or atheist woman cloud your judgment and the necessity to be prudent.

You both have to understand your differences and where those differences may lead.

You both have to know exactly what you hope to gain out of all this and the kind of relationship you are both looking for.

You both have to understand the impact of what your differences could mean to your other relationships in life that involve family and friends.

These all have to be taken into account before you go any further with this christian man or atheist woman.

Religion plays a very heavy roll in many people’s lives.

It is not just a denomination, it is a lifestyle and an identity.

When you as the atheist woman or christian man understands all the implications of the kind of relationship you are getting into, you will know how to move forward with it.

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