How To Leave A Physically Abusive Relationship Safely

How To Leave A Physically Abusive Relationship Safely

End the physically abusive relationship safely by making it final, no vestiges of hope attached.

Be mentally clear that you are leaving this physically abusive relationship for good.

Often, people lie to themselves.

They say that they are going to leave the physically abusive relationship and end up coming right back or not following through.

What they do is they talk themselves out of it, hoping for change.

They lean towards hope.

The truth is that they are frightened to be alone even though it frees them from a physically abusive relationship.

There is no going back.

Going back is a detriment to not only leaving this physically abusive relationship but to your mental health.

You find yourself going in circles hoping that every time you return to this relationship things get better.

Once you have truly decided to leave this physically abusive relationship and won’t return, find a place to stay that you know that this person is unaware of.

He isn’t familiar with this place.

Having mutual friends, let them know not to tell this person where you are.

This requires you to move from where you live now.

As long as you live where this person is familiar with, you won’t get rid of them and be safe.

Yes, this is a big move but you have to make it.

Here are the key points to abide by to make this work.

Firstly, you have mentally decided to leave this physically abusive relationship and have no intention whatsoever to return.

Secondly, you are ready to leave where you currently stay and live somewhere else that this person is not aware of.

Thirdly, you have informed mutual and non-mutual friends of the gravity of keeping your new location of residence private.

Fourthly, you haven’t left any signs of where you live now through your social media accounts a la Facebook and what have you.

Fifth, you stop going to the places you both hung out at.

The more diligent you are in following these steps, the likelier it is to eventually put this relationship behind you.

It takes consistent and stubborn effort to help yourself move forward.

When you are moving forward and times get tough, remind yourself that the final goal is to be free of a relationship that causes you more and more pain.

Hold on to that belief and keep working towards getting to a better place in your life and putting this physically abusive relationship behind you.

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