How Do You Make A Hot Guy Commit?

Show this hot guy that you are not trying too hard to make him commit.

A hot guy is probably going to be used to girls trying to make him commit.

He may be used to girls trying to get him to focus on her only.

These girls try really really hard to make that happen.

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She may act in a very clingy fashion always wanting to know where he is or what he is up to. She may show jealousy whenever other girls are giving him attention and may hold onto his arm just a little tighter. She may be constantly following his social media activity.

She may be constantly raiding his phone and the last few people he interacted with on that phone. She may make it her life’s mission to be constantly trying to get him to hang out with her and her only.

A girl could do a lot of things to make a hot guy feel like she really wants to lock him down and force him to commit.

He may be used to this kind of behavior.

It may have gotten to the point that he doesn’t even allow it to affect him.

He knows how any girl he chooses to talk to or date will ultimately act when it comes to her desire to have him commit. As a result, he finds a way to tune that kind of behavior out. He just knows that it is going to happen and he is prepared for it.

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If you were to do the opposite of what he is used to, you would be taking him by surprise.

Instead of constantly texting him trying to get him to hang out with you, you are out and about engaging in activities that you love or meeting new and interesting people.

You are not all over your phone hoping that he responds to your text or phone call. You are really preoccupied playing tennis with your friends or learning something new in the new class that you have signed up for.

You are not preoccupied with thoughts of him that may be leading you to act in a clingy fashion.

He will notice that you are not hounding him with repetitive texts and phone calls. This will make him curious as he will wonder why you are so different.

This now means that you are in his thoughts. The more he is thinking about you, the more he wants to know what you are up to.

You will notice that he will begin to text or call you more.

You may not always be readily available to answer the text or return the call because you may be quite preoccupied in the recent kickboxing class that you had signed up for a few weeks earlier or whatever it is that you are busying yourself with.

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So, you only get to see his message an hour or so later.

This whole time he has been wondering why you haven’t responded. When you do and you tell him what you were up to, he realizes that your interests are diverse.

You aren’t spending every waking hour worrying about how many girls are giving him attention. You are working on yourself.

This can make this hot guy want to prove to you that he is worth your time. The harder he fights to get that time, the more time he commits to you.

Putting out this kind of effort over time can make him more emotionally involved which can easily lead to him being willing to commit.

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Messed Up Third Date, Do I Have A Chance?

You may not have messed up on the third date.

You may be so into this girl that you are worried that there was something that you said or did wrong.

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Remember that this may simply be your insecurities messing with your mind.

When a person likes someone a whole lot, they may become overly anxious. They may read into things that happened on that third date and believe that those occurrences were bad when they really weren’t.

This may be you.

You may want so badly to do right by this girl that you are interpreting the worst out of that third date.

She may not have shown you the same kind of energy or excitement on the third date as she did the first or second.

You may look at this after the fact and decide that you messed up.

You may draw the conclusion that you must have done something wrong in that third date to make this girl not give you the kind of energy and enthusiasm that she gave you in the first and second date.

Well, this may not at all be the case. The truth is that, she may have been very nervous or anxious in those first two dates and may have tried to overcompensate by being very energetic.

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However, she may have been doing this so as not to come off as nervous.

She may have been trying to hide that by showing the excitement that would prevent you from noticing that her hands were shaking or her voice was about to break at certain moments.

Now that she made it to a third date with you, she may now feel a lot more comfortable. She may be coming back down to her normal. In other words, the girl you got on the third date may be who she really is. She may have gotten rid of the nerves and is now simply being herself.

This is why you shouldn’t immediately cast judgment about how your third date went.

If you ask her out on a fourth date and she agrees, she is clearly showing that you didn’t mess up.

You should avoid getting too carried away with self-doubt and ensure that you continue the dating process by asking how out on a fourth date.

On the flip side, if you truly messed up on that third date and you know that you did because she showed it through her body language, you will have to use this as a lesson.

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Perhaps you made a move that was too aggressive that she responded to in a negative way. Perhaps you brought up a particular topic that clearly made her feel uncomfortable. Perhaps you brought her to an event that she absolutely detested without clearing that with her first.

Well, you will have to learn from this experience by not making the same mistakes again with future girls that you go on dates with.

Is there still a chance that this particular girl will come around and still want to date you?

If she was that unhappy with the third date, it is unlikely.

However, don’t look at this as a total loss. Look at it as a learning experience.

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Do Women Like Stubble On A Guy?

Most women don’t mind stubble on a guy.

Having some stubble or none isn’t necessarily going to be what makes or breaks her interest in a guy.

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There are a number of other factors that she may look to.

Stubble is typically faint and isn’t overbearing.

As a result, she may overlook it altogether in an attempt to get to know the guy better or may simply focus on other physical features that she tends to find appealing in guys based on her individual tastes.

In other words, the stubble isn’t going to be the determining factor on whether she wants to date this guy or not.

Indeed, there are women who may have a preference for clean-shaven men. However, as I mentioned earlier, most women aren’t going to categorize a guy based on only one physical feature.

She isn’t going to measure him by whether he is clean-shaven or not. She doesn’t have this mental block in her mind that checks off a guy instantly if she notices that he isn’t clean-shaven.

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She may love and prefer the clean-shaven look but she isn’t going to overlook a well-dressed man even if he has a stubble. She isn’t going to overlook a confident man who knows how to work his way around a room. She isn’t going to overlook a guy who knows how to keep a conversation going.

In the end, you should try to avoid being so carried away about what kind of look would attract a woman.

There are so many areas that can draw her in.

Your principle concern should be to show that you are confident and self-assured.

If you decide to have a stubble, have it with no apologies. In other words, wear it well. Be you in all of this. Your stubble is only part of you, it doesn’t define all of you.

If you choose not to have a stubble, be confident in that look as well.

A woman wants to see that a guy is self-assured.

Whether you choose to have a stubble or not is really besides the point. It’s really more about how you carry yourself and how self-assured you come off.

A woman will feed off that kind of vibe and energy. This is typically one of the first things she notices about a guy.

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Once the guy has actually started a conversation with her, this is when she may allow herself to start noticing other facets about him.

In other words, she may not have even noticed that you had a stubble or not upon initially meeting you.

However, as she is getting to know you more over conversation and is getting more comfortable around you, she is beginning to pay closer attention to your physical features.

She may now start appreciating the stubble that you are rocking.

She is not necessarily appreciating it because she is attracted to stubbles on men but more so because it fits your personality.

In essence, she is beginning to notice and appreciate some of your physical attributes based on how much she is getting to like you as the conversation is wearing on.

In conclusion, whatever look you choose to go with, simply be confident in yourself when you wear it and you can attract a woman regardless.

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