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Customer Reviews & Thoughts

69 thoughts on “Consultation

  1. Dear Luke

    Do you also offer an email session ? I leave in Europe and I think that would be easier considering our time difference 🙂

    Best regards, Paty

  2. Dear Luke,
    I just watched some of your videos. I was completely bowled over by your depth, your capabilities and your intuitive abilities. You are an amazing person with such a smart ability to pierce through all the facade and reach the heart of the matter. You are truly gifted and you are doing an amazing job of helping others. Complete respect to you! Keep going as you are. You are truly beautiful at heart.

  3. Hi Luke
    I’ve just sent you an email needing advice .
    Just need to know if your email consultations
    Are private and confidential.


  4. I found Luke through his youtube videos, and received additional advice through a private session. Such valuable insight, and has truly help me get a better understanding of my relationship. A gem.

  5. I have a question to send to your email, but its quite long simple, because I need to make sure everything that’s said is clearly understood from my view. Does the length of the email to you matter?

  6. Love your videos! I really enjoy them and I’m so grateful for your well thought out insights as to the way men think. It’s very clear you care about helping others. (And good advice coming from a handsome guy with a nice voice never hurts either!!) Just gives me hope and reminds me there are men out there capable of opening up who do have insight into themselves as well as depth (despite some of my past experiences that seem to indicate otherwise.) Thanks so much for putting yourself out there-wishing you all the best!

  7. Hi Alicia,

    Thank you for such kind words.

    Your willingness to accept that there are different kinds of guys out there from those who are capable of showing true depth and insight to those who may wrestle with that will certainly help you.

    It enables you to approach dating men with a deeper understanding of how he thinks so that you can better decide if he is right for you.

    Wishing you all the best as well.

  8. Hi Luke,
    Do you take international calls? I cant use skype on my end, but happy to call and pay for an international call fee from my end.
    Thanks 🙂

  9. Hi Luke,
    I wanted to actually leave some positive feedback for you & for others that are contemplating on Rship council.
    Ive had the pleasure of having some ongoing Coaching sessions with Luke, and I have been so blessed by him, his guidance has been very refreshing, he wont sugar coat anything, but he will help break things down in a way you can understand the person or Rship situation you are facing. He is also extremely prompt and thorough in his replies and has a real talent to see even the most complex situations from different angles.
    Anytime I need a push in the right direction, Luke is my now Go to Dating Coach. Haven’t quite come across anyone with such integrity, incredible insight & heart. So where ever you are in the world, the email or phone consultation is truly an amazing opportunity.
    So glad to have found you online Luke & Thank you for your consultation time today too.
    God bless you!

  10. Hi,

    I’m going to send you payment in a few minutes then email you tonight. Thanks.

  11. Hi Luke, I have sent you an email and paid the flat rate. I hipe to hear from you soon. Thank you so much!

  12. Hi Luke,

    I wanted to purchase a consultation. But how soon can we speak? Will you contact me to set up the time?

  13. Hi Luke!
    I tried to set up a prepaid phone call with you via PayPal but the inbox where I’m to place my contact information doesn’t allow me to type in my contact phone number. Am I doing something wrong? I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you in advance!

  14. Hiya Luke,

    I came across your videos today and you speak a lot of sense and you’re definitely someone I would like to seek advice from, especially the fact that you’re a male, I feel I would get a better insight from a man’s point of view of opinion. Unfortunately I cannot afford the consultations but when I am able to, I will keep you in my bookmarked pages as well as subscribe to your channel.

    Blessed be!

    Karima (United Kingdom)

  15. Luke, there is this girl that a friend of mine hooked me up with. I LIKE her,but she calls me way too much. About 3-5 times a day. Should I keep her in my phone but block the number? Or should I delete the number and take her out of my phone?

  16. I was curious if the length of the email matters? I don’t want to be wordy but would like to get details of the situation. Also, what is the response time? Thank you in advance

  17. Hi my name is Kyla And I’m 15 and I was wondering if you could help me with an issue

  18. Hey.
    I didnt find a video about this in your channel so it would be nice if you helped me with my situation.
    I have this one girl at school who looks at me disgusted and angry whenever we catch each others eyes. I dont even know her and we have no history. And its not like im very ugly, im actually very good looking. I try to avoid eye contact with her but i still feel her looking at me and almost like waiting for me to look at her. This gives me anxiety. Why is she doing that?
    Thank you?

  19. Hello. My name is Ali. And I was just wondering if guys actually care about texting like girls do. I’ve been talking to this guy that has liked me for a while and when we talk in person he goes on and on and just can make a great convo. But when we text. It’s differnt. He will text goodmorning beautiful and goodnight and asks me how my day has been. But he kind of sucks at making convo over text and idk y. I thought it would be easier to over text but maybe not. Am I just over thinking?? Also. We have been on one date so far and he implied he is gonna ask me to be his gf all the time but he hasn’t asked me yet. Could there be any logical reason for that. Or am I still overthinking?? Lol

  20. Hey Luke,

    Recently found your youtube page, and its gold. I have watched a ton of your videos. Anyway I want to sent an email consultation regarding this co worker of mine (shes special man), I hate to be rude but is a few days a fair response time to expect. I won’t actually see her again until next week but I want to be prepared (mind set wise) thanks again

  21. Hi Luke, if I set up a phone talk with you, do you schedule that time and call me, how does that work

  22. Hey,
    first your videos helped me alot .thank you .
    there was agirl and she gived me a signal that she liked me , she smiles at me and she make eye contact with me ,then i responded to her signal . then idecided to approach her and talk to her but iwasn’t sure from her reaction towards me yet when i approach her ,so i added her on a face book but she didn’t accept my request so i went to her and talk to her she ignored me and told me sorry idon’t talk with men . so ithanked her and i left and iknew that she rejected me from the way that she talke to me . so i let go and tried to forget her . but all of sudden when i published a post on group on facebook asking abous something .and she the first one who add a comment on my post so i ignored her comment and replued to all comments below her comment. so she deleted her comment . and after this she looked at me alot when she saw me . is she in this way regret of rejecting me ?

  23. WOW, I wish you were around in 2012. I needed some of these videos and your amazing information for a guy that was staring at me smiling and talking to me, or just staring = at me from work. I was into him, and would smile back and yet nothing. I could have used these videos to really understand more what to do…and set up a consultation to help get thru to him and understand what to do since i was so hurt in a prior relationship and was used to guys being more forward making a move. this guy had me a bit lost. I wish i had seen these so i could try to reconnect with him and know what to. do.. my soulmate is now lost to me..

  24. Luke, I’ve struggled with dating since becoming single a few years back. I’m in my early forties and every time a guy shows interest and I start to like him, it turns out that he’s not ready for a relationship or his genuine feelings are for someone else. So many times you’ve been the voice of reason when I’ve been sad or confused over someone’s behaviour. Your responses to others who’ve gone through similar things aren’t always the easiest to hear or read, but you’re consistently kind, empathetic and realistic. Feelings can make everything murky, so your commonsense and clarity are always welcome. Thank you for all you do.

  25. Hey, this is cait! So me and my boyfriend are in high school he’s a senior I’m a junior. He plans on going to college next year but it’s about 40 minutes away from where we both live and I plan on going to the same one in two years. We have been dating for 4 months now and we are absolutely in love with each other. We have both dated lots of people but never really felt anything with them. We have both had a hard up brining and have both lost our mothers so we feel a even deeper connection. He is looking into buying a promise ring and is talking about getting married in the future and living together. I don’t know if I should be excited or not. Because I know he means what he says and I feel the same way. But I feel like when he goes to college he will meet new people. So my overall question is. Can love last no matter what age? I feel like with everything we have both been through we are grown up already. Can our marriage last if we take it slow? Can couples make it through college? I just would like to know if it’s possible because I always here highschool relationships never last. But id like some hope saying that anything is possible. Thank you 🙂

  26. Hi Luke,
    Thank you for all your great advice, I love that you start the video by anwsering the questions right away and the way you present it. Please explain this issue: to attract a guy’s attention whom I crush on, should I seem open and available or should I behave in a way that I’m hard to get? I guess the best choice is behavioring in between, but I have no idea how to make a balance between them.
    Thanks 😊

  27. Hello..
    I had issues with my boyfriend pertaining food.i prepared bread and egg for him, he complained DAT he would HV loved to eat something that id a little heavier. unfortunately i had no money to prepare anoda meal for him,dat was how he began ignoring me for a long time and he eventually walked out of d room leaving me puzzeld..
    Pls wat should i do?
    Should i chat him up telling him am sorry cos i have said that a million times so pls wat should i do?

  28. Good Evening,
    I have watched your videos and I want to thank you for being genuine and authentic. You are like a good guy friend or a good cousin.

    Please keep your authenticity and do NOT be like other dating videos which do not have anything to say. Always keep it real. Your videos are short but they work.

  29. Hi Luke,
    I would like to email you, but my letter might me longer than 500 words. Do you charge extra or will you disregard the session? I just want to make sure i tell you everything that way you could give me your best and honest advice. Thanks Luke!

  30. Luke, I can’t thank you enough for your help with my situation. You were so thorough, brought a lot of insight into the situation that I hadn’t realized, and I feel like a big weight has been lifted! I like how you are straightforward, yet kind and nonjudgmental. I was beating myself up about the matter and feeling an urgency to act. Your consultation made me feel so much better, and now it will be easier to just let go, move forward and focus on me for now. I will highly recommend you to anyone that needs the help. Thank you!

  31. Hey Luke. I love your videos and the topics. Where do I go to suggest a topic for you next video?

  32. Hi Mr Luke my name is beauty I’m in a situation where I really like this guy but he doesn’t seem interested he would make plans cancel them he gives me mixed signals one minute his talking then next boom his not saying anything he sometimes Gost me so I don’t know if I should delete him I have decided to distance myself from him but I love him but I haven’t been talking to him if he talks I talk if he doesn’t I just don’t say anything what should I do

  33. There is this guy I met in my University .We had a thing for each other intially for about three months and then we had few arguments and the relationship fell out .He didn’t solve it or communicate and simply ran .Later he got into a relationship with someone outside the university and broke up with her after 3 months and had sex with her and dumped her .I was someone still having feelings for him though I knew everything about his previous relationship and I didn’t quite move on from him .He lead me on since then nearly two years .when I finally told him that ever since our relationship fell apart I didn’t quite forget him and I still posses the same feelings for him and then he went on telling me to wait and to focus on career for the moment and he doesn’t want to say a yes or a no for now since if he says no without putting an effort in the relationship that wouldn’t be fair .So he told me to wait until we settle down and then we explore the opportunity .I asked him till when ,he was like I don’t know .he was like you wait and let’s focus on our careers and later we can decide .He never gave guarantee that he would get into a relationship with me if I choose to wait for him .So after a point of time I got tired and told him listen you stop keeping your options open and stop wasting my time ,just tell me a yes or no . later he told no for now ! I was like what’s this for now ,for now .everytime he says wait for now or no for now and he also says by saying a No to you I really don’t want us to regret later in the future that had we said yes to each other life would have been so good together .I also asked him whats the difference between the relationship he has with me and the relationship he shared with his ex ,he then went on to that he and his ex clearly knew that their relationship won’t last and I asked him how is this any different then , he told me that he expects this relationship of ours to go all the way .I then pressurised him to give a straightforward answer and to tell me a yes or a no and he got pissed of since I told him that he was wasting my time so he told No .He told his friends that he was wantedly disrespecting and was behaving cold to me so that I run off but instead my feelings for him became intensified and became the right opposite of what he initially thought .He also acknowledgeds that my feelings for him are very very genuine,he says he doesn’t want to mess that up in the wrong way and He also told his friends to come and tell me few things which he couldn’t say from his mouth. after two months I sent him a note saying how he hurt me and lead me on when he never had an intention in the first place and how his friends used to come and tell me things on his behalf for that he replied saying that he has not solicited anyone to tell anything to me and also he apologised not once but twice saying he is sorry for all the things that he has ever done to me .I read his message and just blocked him on whatsapp .I didn’t reply to that since I knew his apology was just a fake formality one .Later he didn’t block me he just chose to ignore me but what’s surprising was that after a complete 24 hours of time period he came and blocked me in whatsapp and also in instagram and also told his friend to block me .Now I’m here wondering that why would someone apologise to you and then after 24 hours would come and block you and also solicitate their friends to also block you .I’m very much confused.If he wanted to block me when I sent him that note ,then itself he should have blocked me right but he didn’t instead he apologised and later after 24 hours I’m being blocked by him and his friend but his friend didn’t block me instead he unsaved my number in whatsapp so as it seems as if he has blocked me and then again after one day he changes his settings of his whatsapp display picture from.only my contacts to everyone so that I could see that he hasn’t blocked me and only has unsaved my number .Why would someone do so much efforts when they anyway don’t want to be friends with me just because their friends told them not to be friends with me .this whole thing is so confusing and mind fucking.Any suggestions

  34. Gentle Mr.Luke
    Thank’s a million for your enriching advice and help through the videos, I hope and want to have a section with you.
    Thank’s and be blessed always.


  35. Hi Luke,
    Instead of email 500 words, can I send you screenshots of my situation?
    The conversation came from text messages and I really want you to get all the details.
    Please let me know.

  36. I keep reminding my boyfriend of a mistake he did in the past, unintentionally, he has apologized several times for it , it’s more like I keep reminding him everyday about it , which he always says it hurts him and there are some mistakes people are not proud of but I keep reminding him , but cause I was hurt I keep bringing it up one way or the other , I don’t even mean any harm , then one day he said I hurt him so deeply , and he will like to be left alone for a while , then he stops talking to me , I called him severally , I apologized so many times , he is online but doesn’t reply , I even told him , I’m sick , he didn’t reply me , I really don’t know what to do 😭, has he moved on , the only thing he keeps saying is he needs to be alone for a while ? I don’t get how long he wants to stay away , I keep wondering if there’s another girl

  37. Hey Luke,

    I really enjoyed watching your Youtube videos. I was wondering if I can get a consultation with you through a phone call sometime?

    Can you please tell me more about them?

  38. Hi, luke i have been watching you video for some time now and they are very helpful but why the change in your videos and just a black screen now and i have question about this boy?

  39. Hi Luke, we love your videos. We use them in the classes we teach on Relationships & Sex Ed for people with disabilities (Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome), etc. We love the She Didn’t Reply to Your Text video and it isn’t available anymore. Help! Can you bring it back?


  40. Luke please make a video what does it mean when a church girl shows lots of interests for months with staring, smiling, etc. I’ve talked to her several times when we young adults have group activities outside of Church. Once I finally ask her out, she friend zones me. I never acted needy nor talked her ear off. If anything I’m reserved and introverted. She still stares at me all the time. I just keep it cordial and remain calm like nothing ever happened. I just never been all giggles and smiles. We’re both in our 20’s. She’s sweet and only does that with me. Why?

  41. Hello,

    He showed my that he liked my, but I never did an eye contact, I was scared, I didn’t get it at the begging. And now after 2 years is it fine from my side to show interest or it will be awkward or did he lose interest?
    Did he forget about me?

    Also I don’t like social media engagements I don’t feel that’s it’s courageous.

    Please advise. Thank you.

  42. Hi Luke,
    I just purchased the 8 session bundle and sent an email requesting the first appointment. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you

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