I Move On From Relationships Quickly. Does That Mean I’ve Never Loved My Exes?

I Move On From Relationships Quickly. Does That Mean I've Never Loved My Exes?

Moving on from relationships quickly doesn’t automatically mean that you have never loved your exes.

There is an explanation for this.

Oftentimes, by the time your past relationships came to a close, you had already sensed that they were about to end.

A few months prior to the end of these past relationships, you were getting into an increasing number of fights with your partner, or feeling like your needs weren’t getting addressed as much as you wanted them to.

It’s rare that a relationship ends in the midst of everything going well.

Relationships normally end after a period of struggle.

During these waning final months, you don’t realize it, but your mind is beginning to come to terms with the possibility that a breakup is on the horizon.

Subconsciously, your mind is preparing you for the prospect of a breakup, even as you attempt to work through these issues with your partner.

When the breakup finally happens, your subconscious has been waiting for it for months.

Over those months, you didn’t want to permit the dread of losing your partner to come to the forefront of your thoughts and persist, given that you didn’t want to break up with your partner.

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Now that it has finally happened, there is no choice but for this dread to finally come to the forefront.

Amid this dread, you feel a deep sense of sadness and grief too, before moving on and getting back into your life a short while later.

This emotion of sadness and grief is further indication that you loved your exes.

Ergo, moving on from relationships quickly has never been about you not loving your exes.

It’s more so that your subconscious was ready for the breakup and you weren’t aware of it.

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Sometimes, people move on from relationships quickly, but do it in an unhealthy manner.

Instead of processing the breakup, they choose to ignore those feelings, pushing them into the recesses of their minds.

Inevitably, she thinks that she has moved on quickly from a relationship, but it is only a matter of time before the repressed feelings surface, and she is completely taken by surprise as she crashes emotionally.

This means that she never got over her past relationship.

On the contrary, with someone who is fully aware of her emotions and processes them in real time, getting over a relationship quickly occurs in a healthy manner, keeping her from running the risk of crashing emotionally some time down the road.

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If you haven’t found yourself emotionally crashing after any one of your previous relationships, you are processing the breakups in real time without hiding unwanted feelings, and this is the healthy approach to dealing with breakups.

Considering that your subconscious was already preparing you for a breakup months before it occurred, there is a softening of the emotional blow when a breakup does occur.

This makes it less intimidating to exorcise the emotional fallout of the breakup.

With this, you are capable of moving on from a relationship quickly.

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