Is Dating A Month After A Breakup Bad?

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Is Dating A Month After A Break Up Bad?

Dating a month after a break up isn’t bad.

It has been a month since your break up after all.

This is sufficient enough time for you to begin the process of moving forward.

However, you truly have to be sure about where your emotions lie at the moment.

A month may be enough time to begin the process of moving on as long as you aren’t still emotionally invested in your previous relationship.

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You shouldn’t start dating if you are still madly in love with your ex and are secretly hoping that they come back.

This means that you aren’t emotionally ready to move on to a new relationship if that is to happen.

You would not be prepared to give all of yourself to a possible partner.

This is unfair to them.

You can’t use someone else to help you get over the break up.

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This would only lead to hurt and a failed relationship.

Your emotional issues have to be dealt with first before moving on to dating again.

This is why you must really take account of how you are feeling right now.

Be honest with yourself about the reason why you want to start dating again.

Have you truly gotten over the break up?

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Are you no longer in love with your ex?

You really have to answer these questions if you want to move forward in the right manner.

If you are still emotionally invested in your past relationship, you need to give this more time.

Start working on yourself.

Start rebuilding your self-confidence.

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You could do this by challenging yourself on a daily basis.

Engage in new activities that will test you mentally, physically or both.

It could be a new exercise regiment or learning how to do something new.

The more you challenge yourself and work towards the goal of attaining it, the more you focus on you.

Every time you get closer to reaching your goal, you will feel a rush of confidence.

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This is what will build you up.

This is how you begin to focus on yourself and keep your drive going.

You can also build new relationships with people.

Meet new people in your life that you didn’t know when you were dating your ex.

This improves the chances that your discussions with these new people won’t involve your ex as a topic.

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They never knew your ex so they have no basis to ask such questions.

This means that you get to interact with people without the constant reminder of your ex.

If you only associate yourself with people that you and your ex knew, you may be constantly getting reminded of your ex through your conversations with them.

This is why you should keep those interactions with these mutual friends or acquaintances to a minimum and focus on making new friends instead.

The more you work on yourself, the more you create distance between you and your feelings for your ex.

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You are beginning to fill your life with the kind of positivity that will really help you move forward.

Once you know for a fact that your feelings for your ex are no longer a factor, you can move on to dating again.

This bodes well for your sense of self-worth and the feeling that you know you are able to meet someone who will be the most compatible with you at some point in the future.

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