Online Dating: Got Rejected Because I Got The Covid-19 Vaccine?

Online Dating: Got Rejected Because I Got The Covid-19 Vaccine?

A match was made on a dating app and conversation was going exceptionally well, until she asked you whether you were vaccinated.

You answered that you were and she quickly unmatched with you.

Just like that, the great chemistry and fluid conversations were all flushed down the toilet over the fact that you got the covid-19 vaccine.

You were already in the process of making plans to meet each other in person before this unmatching occurred.

This has you bummed.

You were really connecting with her.

Why did she reject you for getting the covid-19 vaccine?

Unfortunately, the subject of the covid-19 vaccine has drawn a thick dividing line between people on either end of the political spectrum.

Liberals believe that everyone should get the covid-19 vaccine to protect themselves, friends, family, and society at large from infection.

Conservatives believe that being forced or expected to take the covid-19 vaccine is an invasion of their privacy and a violation of their freedom.

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This is an immensely emotional issue for either side.

Whether a person has taken the covid-19 vaccine or not has become a litmus test for what side of the political fence the person is.

Dating apps are occupied by liberals and conservatives.

Some dating apps attract more liberals, and others attract more conservatives.

It’s feasible that you are on a dating app that either has more conservatives than liberals, or has a fairly significant number of conservatives.

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Once you told her that you were vaccinated with the covid-19 vaccine, she rejected you by unmatching with you because she is most likely a conservative who chose not to get vaccinated.

To reiterate, this is an emotional issue for a lot of people.

You probably don’t care about whether a match has been vaccinated with the covid-19 vaccine or not.

But there are people who take it very seriously and use it as a litmus test to determine whether you are a liberal or conservative.

The people who especially had a bad experience during the pandemic are the ones who would be the most emotional about this subject.

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There were several incidents during the pandemic where she was told that she had to put a mask on to avoid spreading covid-19 infection.

She didn’t like this.

To her, being told that she had to wear a mask when all she wanted to do was shop at a grocery store she had been frequenting for years drove her blind with rage.

As a conservative, she interpreted this as an assault on her health, in expecting her to get injected with a vaccine she suspected to be harmful into her body, and an assault on her freedom.

To add insult to injury, she is told that she has to have a vaccine card to get access into her gym, or travel to see family, friends, or go on vacation.

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The world she once knew was turned upside down during the pandemic.

Her life was inconvenienced and her freedoms taken away.

She hated this.

Whenever she learns that someone is vaccinated, it triggers those negative memories about the pandemic.

It drives her crazy emotional.

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Not only does this mean that you aren’t a conservative, it means that you condoned everything that went on during the pandemic.

She hates you or anyone else for reminding her of this.

That is when her emotions get the best of her, and she unmatches with you.

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