Are Neck Kisses A Sign Of Romantic Interest?

Are Neck Kisses A Sign Of Romantic Interest?

Neck kisses can be a sign of romantic interest, depending on where and how the neck kiss is given.

A neck kiss that is closer to the ear is a sign of romantic interest.

The ear is sensual and sensitive.

The closer a woman gets to it as she kisses your neck, the closer she is to an area of your body that she is aware is highly sensitive.

A woman who has had her fair share of dates and boyfriends is fully aware that the ear is highly sensitive to sound, touch and breath.

She knows how intimate the ear is in the game of seduction.

The closer she gets to your ear as she kisses your neck, the higher the likelihood she is sending the message that she is romantically interested in you.

Knowing how sensitive the ear is, she is hoping to get you emotionally and physically excited about her kiss.

If her lips graze your ear in any way, even better.

Lips that slightly touch your earlobe (lowest end of ear), ear notch (base of the opening) or helix (outer wall), is an even stronger sign she is romantically interested in you.

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The length of the neck kiss is a key factor.

When she kisses your neck and stays in place for an unusually extended period of time, she is romantically interested in you.

She is lingering when she does this.

Her lips press against that area to widen its presence and get as deep into your physical essence as she can get away with.

With her lips pressed deeply against your exposed skin, she has established an instant physical connection.

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Being this close, she also gets to smell your odor.

A man’s odor has an immensely sensual effect on a woman that is attracted to him.

When she is kissing your neck, her nose is in very close proximity to your skin.

It is right there.

She gets to smell you.

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Whether it is your natural body odor, cologne or a shampoo you are wearing, she is demonstrating that she likes what she smells when she lingers.

A neck kiss that lingers is one that is responding to both the visceral impact of skin to skin contact and the likelihood that your odor has triggered a sensual response in her that has prompted her to linger for longer than she should.

This is a strong sign of romantic interest.

A neck kiss from a woman who has no romantic interest in you is quick.

It’s a neck kiss that is friendly or platonic in nature.

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Upon kissing your neck, she backs away just as fast.

She doesn’t bother getting close to your ear, aiming further down instead, midway between the ear and shoulder.

Additionally, her lips don’t press against your skin in an attempt to spread it on as wide a space and have as deep a neck kiss as possible.

The kiss is closer to a slight peck on your neck, followed with a fast release.

This is a woman who is making a conscientious effort not to send the wrong message in kissing your neck.

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She wants it to be unequivocal that this is nothing but a platonic friendly kiss.

Her intent is to show her affection for you as a friend, nothing more.

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