Does A Peck On The Cheek Count As A Kiss?

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Does A Peck On The Cheek Count As A Kiss?

When you are both on a date, he only gives you a peck on the cheek.

It is raising concern.

At this point, he might as well be Woody Woodpecker.

You like this guy, you really do.

Conversations have been amazing.

The few dates you have been on with him were amazing.

Thoughts of him abound within your mind as you go about your daily business and when you are idle.

Such good feelings when you think about him.

Yet, you aren’t entirely sure about how he feels about you.

He always gives you a peck on the cheek on dates, and by now, you think that a real kiss should have sufficed.

What’s going on here?

Is the peck intended to be a kiss?

Regardless of how positive his body language is on these dates, he always comes short of giving you that proper kiss.

At first, you interpreted that as a way in which he was showing you respect.

But, you aren’t so sure now.

In most circumstances, a peck on the cheek doesn’t count as a kiss.

In no way does this mean he doesn’t like you romantically.

Some guys hesitate when it comes to making more of an aggressive move in kissing a girl.

Especially when everything so far has been going well.

They overanalyze.

They worry about messing it all up.

Some have been there before.

A past date with another woman was going really well and they got caught up in the moment.

An aggressive move was made to kiss the woman and she backed away or rebuffed it in some way.

An explosion of awkward emotions ensues within him and he makes a mental note to never be this forward or aggressive again.

This could be the man you are dealing with at the moment.

Operating on too much caution.

The good news is that besides his propensity to give you a peck on the cheek on dates, everything else has been going well.

The conversations are great and constant.

There is lighthearted flirting.

He remembers a lot of what you tell him.

A lot of interests are shared.

The dates are constant and have variety.

All of this points to a good amount of chemistry between you.

He is going to feel a lot more comfortable in giving you a proper kiss when he gets the sense that this is something you want.

I get it.

You feel like you have already shown him that you are open to that kiss.

Remember, this is guy who isn’t confident in his ability to read this particular cue in a woman accurately, given his past experiences.

Another approach is necessary.

The next time he is going for the peck, turn your head to meet his lips.

It’s a bold move, but at this point, you have more than enough evidence indicating he likes you.

Some guys just need a little extra help in this department.

It still feels mutual.

As far as you know, he was going in for the kiss anyway.

From this point on, he knows to go for the kiss and to never be afraid to do so.

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