Tips For Someone Who’s Dating A Bad Texter?

Tips For Someone Who's Dating A Bad Texter?

Dating a bad texter, especially when you are someone who loves texting, is a frustrating predicament.

Texting is the primary method you communicate with everyone in your life, whether it be family, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances, etc.

It’s like second nature to you.

You are so used to texting, it seems like your fingers move on their own over the letters on your mobile phone.

The guy you are dating is intriguing.

You like much about him, from his looks to his energy.

Yet, he is a bad texter.

This is the one area you wish was different.

Each day feels like an endless loop of bad texting behavior.

You text him and it takes hours for him to respond.

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When he does respond, he doesn’t address your previous text, choosing instead to text about something completely unrelated.

It feels like you a pulling teeth, exerting yourself to get him to have a congruent, fully-fledged conversation with you.

For a while, he sent good morning and good night texts, but that didn’t last long.

Now, you are lucky to receive a single good morning or good night text from him.

You are the one who initiates the majority of text conversations.

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Whenever he does initiate text conversations, he has a frustrating habit of initiating a text, receiving your reply, then disappearing for hours without a response back.

Whether you initiate a text or he does, there is no difference.

His responses are belated.

Further, he has a propensity to text at the oddest hours, frequently waiting to text until late at night or early morning.

The number of occasions you have woken up in the morning and looked at your phone to see a text message that he sent while you were asleep are significant.

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To overcome his bad texting habits, you need to give him a reason to text you and keep a conversation going.

When a guy who is a bad texter knows that you are waiting and hoping for his text, there is no motivation to do so.

Rather, give him the impetus to text you by living a life that is exciting.

Instead of waiting around for his text or his response, get out there and live a rich life.

Get involved in fun activities and post those pictures on your social media.

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Go on a trip to a scenic resort.

Go camping, snorkeling and kayaking.

Visit a zoo, aquarium and wildlife reserve.

Go to a theme park and get on the rides.

Attend sports games and concerts in crowded arenas.

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Make your life full and fun, and post those fun-filled pictures on your social media.

Naturally, people on your social media and in your life are going to be talking to you about your adventures and spreading the word about what you are doing.

A guy who sees and hears about how much fun you are having without him, wants to be a part of the conversation and the activity.

Suddenly, he is initiating text messages to you, asking about your most recent adventure to a theme park you attended over the weekend.

A guy who sees how preoccupied you are with such exciting activities in your life, feels left out.

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You have raised your level of value to him and he feels the need to be a part of your life.

Your lifestyle has inspired him to text you, craving to be a greater part of your life.

To get a bad texter to do better, you need to give him a reason to text.

A lifestyle of fun and activity, that is prioritized over texting him, is how you give him inspiration to take charge over texting and do a better job of it.

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