Does Your Taste In A Partner Ever Change?

Does Your Taste In A Partner Ever Change?

People sometimes become prisoners of their ideal.

They have a type and stick with it regardless of how poor or lacking those romantic relationships end up being.

It takes a good number of bad relationships for some of these people to realize that changing their taste in a partner isn’t the worst idea.

There is nothing wrong with changing what you consider to be your type as you evolve through life and mature.

Some people learn this lesson early and make a change.

They try something new.

They get away from their type.

They begin to experiment.

Some find success. Others return to their type after a period of getting outside of their comfort zone.

The key is that they gave it a chance.

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Whether they succeeded or failed in finding a different type of partner, they opened themselves up to it.

Even for those who go back to what they consider to be their type after a time of being away from it and exploring other types of partners, they come back with a fresh perspective.

They are able to look at where they were going wrong and make adjustments to their type.

Even in these scenarios where they return to their type, it comes with fixes.

This gives them a better chance at finding a partner that fits their type but also is truly compatible with them.

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Do not fear making a change in what you normally date.

Too many people get so anxious when presented with this alternative that they don’t allow it to even marinate in their minds.

They stick with what they know even if those short-lived relationships continue being disappointments.

Never be afraid to try something different.

What is the real harm in doing that?

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You get to experience the type of person that you normally wouldn’t give a chance to.

It may or may not work out but you still grow in the process.

Again, even if you end up coming back to your type when all is said and done, you come back with a better perspective and understanding of what your type truly needs to be in order for the both of you to work.

We are human beings who are multifaceted.

What worked for us in terms of romance when we were in our teens isn’t necessarily what works when we are in our twenties and older.

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Sometimes, people have this idealized idea of what their type is and what that relationship should look like.

This is established from their youth.

They spend a good chunk of their adulthood trying to make that idealized dream of what they believe a partner should look like come true.

They get into relationships with people they shouldn’t, overlooking red flags, simply because the person seems like the ideal they set in their minds when they were teenagers or young adults.

Unfortunately, that relationship doesn’t work out and neither does the next or the one after that.

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They keep chasing this ideal until they are much older and realize that their ideal was never realistic.

Don’t be that person.

As human beings, our capacity to change how we think is what makes us so unique in the world.

Never be afraid to try something different.

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