Should I Ask Him Out For The Second Date Or Wait For Him To Do It?

Should I Ask Him Out For The Second Date Or Wait For Him To Do It?

Let him be the one to ask you out on a second date.

It is alright for you to become more proactive in asking a guy out on a date after he has already asked you out on a number of dates and some time has passed since you both started going out.

When it is this early in the courtship process, you should let him ask you out for the second date.

You like him and enjoyed the first date.

It’s understandable that you are beginning to get anxious.

Some time has passed since the last date and you are wondering why he hasn’t asked you out on a second date yet.

You need to be very careful right now.

This is often the time where you are going to make mistakes.

You start thinking with your emotion instead of your head.

It doesn’t matter how much you like him or how well the first date went, this early in courtship, you have to let him be the aggressor.

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When women get panicked at this crucial juncture between the first and second date, they often act out of emotion and desire without really thinking things through.

Giving in to your emotion by asking him out on a second date before he has asked you puts you in a very vulnerable position.

You essentially send the signal that he is in complete charge of everything and he has you locked up mentally.

When a guy feels like he has already won this early in the getting-to-know-you stage, he isn’t going to put out that much consistent effort in courting the girl.

Even if he agrees to your second date offer, he is not going to be all in.

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He leaves it to you to put out the effort to make conversation and make this romance happen.

He breaks whatever future dates he arranges with you without any fear of reprisal or repercussions.

In his mind, he has conquered you already and doesn’t have to worry about losing you.

No matter how badly you want to see him again, don’t give into your desire by asking him out on a second date.

Remember, this is only one date that the both of you went on.

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Sure, you have had some conversations via text and what not, but you really only have one date as a sample size in terms of getting a better understanding of who this guy is.

You don’t really know what he is about.

A guy easily comes to a first date at his best behavior.

He says the right words, acts right, makes you laugh, is a gentleman, etc.

But, you still don’t really know what this guy is about and whether he is authentically who you are surmising he is in your mind.

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Your mind is your greatest enemy in these moments of emotion and desire.

It makes you create the perfect person based on how well the first date went.

But, you couldn’t possibly know that this early on. You don’t have enough of a sample size to judge him by.


Get busy participating in activities that take your mind off of why he hasn’t asked you out on a second date.

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Distract yourself.

A guy who is truly interested in you asks you out on a second date, always.

Let him put in the work when it is still so early.

That is how you know he is worth your time.

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