Is It Okay For Me To Go Out With More Than One Guy At The Same Time?

Is It Okay For Me To Go Out With More Than One Guy At The Same Time?

Yes, it is okay for you to go out with more than one guy at the same time as long as you are single and you are not giving them the impression that you are dating them exclusively.

That is when a major problem arises.

When you make them believe that they are the only person that you are seeing, you are being misleading.

Honesty is your best bet in this case.

You don’t have to go into details about the fact that you are going out with other guys but you do need to make them aware that you aren’t exclusively dating them.

You have your reasons for wanting to date more than one guy at the same time.

Perhaps you get bored easily or you are simply trying to figure out who you like best and would ultimately want to end up it.

Whatever your reasoning may be, just ensure that you are clear about that in your head and you are willing to be open and honest with them.

Hence, you do need to come to terms with your motives and what the end goal is.

The danger for some in this kind of a position is that they may get to the point where they lose track of what they want.

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In other words, you may get so caught up in dating multiple guys that you forget about what the ultimate goal is.

You may even realize that you are falling for one of them but you start ignoring that feeling because you believe that there must be something more to this.

You may believe that you can do better or that you are not quite ready to fall for this person and get into an exclusive relationship.

This is when things get really dangerous.

You get to the point where you simply can’t bring yourself to let go of all and go with the one that you truly believe is best for you.

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You just find yourself being worried or afraid that if you finally decide to go with the one guy that you seem to be falling for, you may make a mistake.

You tell yourself that perhaps there is something that you are missing.

Perhaps the other guys that you are going out with are ultimately going to give you more.

So you wait it out even when you know that there is one in particular that you are really liking, falling for and may want to be with exclusively.

This is the problem that some people in a situation where they are going out with more than one guy at a time tend to run into.

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It is very common.

You literally get caught in a situation where you just can’t allow yourself to be with that one person because you have gotten used to having all these guys that you are dating.

Be very cognizant of this.

Understand what your end game is and be willing to get out of this when you know you have found a guy in the mix that you have made the best connection with.

If not, you may remain stuck in a permanent state of dating whereby no one is good enough.

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In a situation like that you may end up quite unhappy as several of your simultaneous relationships will be short-lived.

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