More Women Seem To Like Me Since I Got A Girlfriend

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More Women Seem To Like Me Since I Got A Girlfriend

A lot of women like it when they know a guy is wanted and desired by another girl.

It makes the guy more of a catch.

If you have noticed that more women seem to like you since you got a girlfriend, it is often because you are now exuding a level of appeal that you may not have had when you were single.

When these women see you with your girlfriend, they begin to compare themselves to your girlfriend.

Women do this often.

They size each other up.

The size each other for beauty, fashion, attitude, friends, etc.

They want to know what exactly makes this girl so different from them that you have chosen to be with her instead of them.

What makes this girl so special?

Now that they are thinking in this way, they believe that you should also be paying attention to them because they don’t think this girlfriend of yours is any better than them.

The woman may believe that she is prettier or has better fashion sense than your girlfriend.

She may believe that she hangs around people that are way cooler than your girlfriend does.

She may believe that she has a better background or carries herself a lot better than your girlfriend.

In short, she believes that she is better than your girlfriend in a number of ways if not all.

So, why are you with your girlfriend and not her?

She thinks this doesn’t make any sense at all.

As a result, she starts being nicer and kinder to you. She starts showing you the attention that women never gave you when you were single.

Now, you have become a challenge.

Now, she has something to prove.

This is why so often you will find women liking a guy more when he has a girlfriend as opposed to when he was single.

Women love a catch.

They love the idea of what it would be like to be with that said catch.

You are a catch because you have a girlfriend that has taken you away from the single life.

If you are a catch to her, she clearly saw something that perhaps they didn’t see when you were single and they weren’t paying much attention to you.

This makes them curious.

Now that you have a girlfriend, women see you as more of a catch and thereby a challenge.

This makes them desire you more.

Women will now compare themselves to your girlfriend and essentially feel the need to compete with her because they believe that they have better to offer than she does.

Women can be quite competitive when it comes to dealing with taken guys and comparing themselves to the girlfriends of these taken guys.

Also, a lot of women tend to believe that guys who already have girlfriends aren’t desperate.

Girls are typically turned off by desperate guys who are seeking girlfriends or intimacy.

When they know that a guy is already taken, they assume that he isn’t desperate and this makes him all the more attractive.

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