Do Girls/Guys Get Scared When They Are Interested In Someone?

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Do Girls/Guys Get Scared When They Are Interested In Someone?Yes, some do. It really depends on their temperament.

If they are really shy, this is even more likely. By nature, they simply can’t help but act in a way that is antithetical to what they truly feel for the person.

They may get scared because they don’t know how to go about letting this person know that they are interested in them.

They may worry about whether they match up with the person.

Perhaps they aren’t what this person is looking for in a partner.

They may even worry that this person may already be in a romantic relationship.

They may really want to be with this person but feel like there is no way that they can make this a true reality.

These are some of the reasons why some guys and girls get scared when they are interested in someone.

Sometimes, they may even know the person of interest.

They may already be acquainted with the person or may even be a friend.

They get scared in this scenario because they may be worried that if they make a move on this person or let this person know how they feel, they may lose the friendship.

This is another major reason why some guys and girls get scared when they are interested in someone.

They begin to question the effects of what they would be doing.

They may truly not want to lose that person as a friend and may feel like they have to avoid telling them their true feelings in order to protect that relationship.

A lot of what they go through is mental.

They essentially create so may scenarios in their head that lead to anxiety.

This ultimately causes them to do nothing.

One thing that really needs to be understood is that making assumptions can only lead to a lack of action.

This is the last thing you should want.

If you are interested in someone but you are scared, you have to get over it.

You have to understand that dating and romance will normally involve some kind of risk. However, the reward is well worth it.

Many people who get scared and do nothing only live to regret it.

They eventually come across that person that they were interested in dating someone else and they feel awful.

They start asking themselves about their decision not to make a move.

They start doubting that decision and wishing that they had a second chance to try again.

You don’t want to be this person.

You want to be the person that took a chance on romance.

You want to be the person that overcame their fear and made a move.

You will only make things worse if you keep giving in to this fear.

You will approach all of your future prospects in the same manner.

The fear only begets more fear.

You will continue being scared and will lose out on more and more promising prospects into your foreseeable future.

Being scared is an emotion.

Replace that emotion with hope.

Yes, look at the feeling of being scared as your cue to actually make a move.

It should be the jolt that actually moves you into action.

Turn that fear into a positive by making it be what pushes you to go for what you want.

This kind of positive energy can also keep your effort continuous even when it feels like you may be pushing against a wall sometimes.

This is how you can best improve your dating life and ultimately have dating success.

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