How Do I Get A Guy That I Like To Ask Me Out?

Having a genuine interest in his interests and learning about him builds rapport that leads to having a good shot at him asking you out.

How Do I Get A Guy That I Like To Ask Me Out?Investing your time in learning about what he likes, gives you material to relate to him with during discussion.

Whether it be his passion for going to football or soccer games, watching movies, using new technology, etc., talk to him about them and learn.

All the while, relate to his said interests with your own personal flair.

In sensing your measure of interest and knowledge on a topic he has passionate interest in, he experiences camaraderie with you.

This is where he opens himself up to you, while simultaneously developing an interest in you too.

This is how you get him to a place where he is so comfortable with you, he asks you out.

An intrigue about you has assailed his mind and he is curious about what you are about.

A guy is less likely to ask you out when he has no inkling about your interest in him.

Many guys worry about rejection.

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Asking a girl out without an inkling of an idea that she likes him makes him too scared to risk rejection.

What clear signals of interest have you sent in his direction?

How frequently do you establish eye contact with him?

Do you smile at him or touch his arm when you talk to each other?

Do you get close enough to him that you are now in his personal space?

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Do you flirt with him?

Never underestimate the influence of clear romantic body language.

The majority of guys look for cues of romantic interest.

They look for a smile, a touch, eye contact, etc.

By never doing any of these whenever he is around, he is much less likely to ask you out.

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A guy has a higher likelihood of asking you out when he gets the impression you are a fun person to date.

This means you mustn’t be shy around him.

Be excited and effusive.

Laugh and be jovial.

Show him your energy and zest.

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Talk about the exciting stuff you did over the weekend to the people around you so that he hears it.

Post those activities on your social media page so that when he gets curious and goes snooping for further information about you, he sees how much of a fun person you are.

Never underestimate the magnetism of someone who is fun.

Don’t you like being around fun people?

He does too.

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This is his preview of what it is like to be out on a date with you.

It’s like watching a great movie trailer.

A great movie trailer gets you excited to go see the movie when it comes out.

Be a great movie trailer.

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