Do You Get Shy When It Comes To A Very Attractive Person Of The Opposite Gender?

Do You Get Shy When It Comes To A Very Attractive Person Of The Opposite Gender?

Even the most confident person isn’t exempt from getting shy when it comes to a very attractive person of the opposite gender.

You aren’t alone when you find yourself at a loss for words in this person’s presence.

Just a minute ago, you were the loudest and most gregarious person in the room.

Now, you are a shell of yourself, unable to find your voice or even speak.

Human beings are innately turned on by beauty.

No matter how much we apply political correctness to our modern society, beauty or attractiveness in a person always garners attention.

A very attractive person that walks into a crowded room is going to receive the bulk of the stares.

Human beings are biologically wired to be attracted to what appears attractive.

When you are shy around this person, you have already made an assumption that you don’t measure up to them.

That is your mind at work.

It has nothing to do with the person of the opposite gender that has left you shy and speechless.

Your mind has drawn several conclusions about how you measure up to this very attractive person, and like most human beings, we are our biggest critics.

We wake up every day bemoaning something about us we don’t like or are insecure about.

We are unhappy with our weight, even when we are not overweight.

We are unhappy with our nose, jawline, even when they are perfect.

We cry about needing a butt or breast lift, when we really don’t.

Our eyes always see something that is wrong or out of place, when there isn’t.

It’s human nature.

It isn’t always a bad thing.

When we are actually a little overweight and feel that way, a critical eye encourages some of us to do something about it by going to the gym or watching our diet.

However, as human beings, our critical eye goes too far.

So, when you see that very attractive person, those insecurities you wake up with each and every day rage to the surface of your consciousness.

All of a sudden, your weight insecurities, whether they be justified or not, creeps into the forefront of your thoughts, paralyzing you with anxiety and insecurity.

Comparisons between you and this very attractive person are inevitable now.

This very attractive person is the perfect weight.

Wow, look at the tone and definition of their arms.

You simply don’t match up to this perfection.

Their nose is impeccable compared to yours.

Look at its symmetry, perfectly straight.

Meanwhile, yours is aquiline or bridged to a fault.

The comparisons are inevitable when most human beings come across a very attractive person of the opposite gender.

All their insecurities, irrespective of how attractive they are, bubbles to the surface.

Suddenly, they are shy, more entrenched in their own insecurities than in the other person’s attractiveness.

That’s why you are shy when you meet a very attractive person of the opposite gender.

To overcome this, acknowledge that this very attractive person is human too, and just like you, they sometimes wake up in the morning critical of their looks.

You see a perfect nose on them, but what they see each morning is one that lacks the symmetry they crave.

As human beings, we are never satisfied.


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