Should I Go On With This Girl?

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Should I Go On With This Girl?

If she is responding to your attempts, yes.

You really have to ensure that she is doing this.

Sometimes a guy will go on with a girl simply thinking that as long as he is persistent, he will get her.

There is something to be said about persistence.

However, it shouldn’t be persistence that isn’t being fed by real interest.

When a girl is truly interested in you, she will drop hints.

She will look your way often, compliment you, talk about you with her friends, touch you from time to time and will be interested in your interests.

These are all tell-tale signs of romantic interest.

If you are not experiencing any real signs of interest from this girl, you may want to end this and move on to someone else.

Again, there is a difference between a girl who is interested but is allowing you to woo her and one who clearly isn’t.

One who clearly isn’t shows no real signs of interest.

Why go on with such a girl?

Perhaps, for whatever reason you feel that this girl may be interested.

Maybe she has flirted with you in the past.

Maybe she has looked your way and smiled.

If these encounters were few and far in-between, the interest really isn’t there.

A girl who is truly interested in you will constantly be looking your way, talking about you to her friends and trying to be around you.

Hence, you really have to assess the situation that you are in.

If you have been making a real effort to woo this girl or get to know her but she has shown very inconsistent signs of interest, this may be a girl you should move on from.

The last thing you should want is to invest so much energy and time into wooing her when there is no real interest.

Understand that some girls also enjoy this.

They actually can revel in the delight of having someone fawning over them that they have no true romantic interest in.

It gives them a strong boost to their egos.

Hence, they may even allow you to keep trying even though they know that they have no true romantic interest in you.

By so doing, they win and you lose.

You boost their egos and you get nothing out of it.

Hence, you do need to review what has been happening.

Has this girl ever taken out the time to contact you?

If so, how often?

Has she ever given you a compliment?

If so, how often?

If she rarely does any of this, you are better off letting her be and putting your energy towards a girl who has genuine interest in you.

If you are always the one who contacts her first, this is wrong.

A girl who is genuinely interested in a guy will contact him as well.

She will want to hear from him and talk to him.

She may not contact him as much earlier on because she wants to be wooed, but she will still contact him.

If this girl very rarely or never does this, this may not be a girl to go on with.

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