Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend For His Disrespectful Ways?

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend For His Disrespectful Ways?

Breaking up with your boyfriend for his disrespectful ways isn’t a guaranteed solution, when you don’t take the time to look deeper.

Breaking up with him, without a deeper look, brings you right back to him or into another relationship that mirrors this one.

Look back on your past relationships and ask yourself whether there is a history of disrespect from your past boyfriends.

A consistency with this issue is your cue that you either make poor choices in boyfriends or your behavior in relationships elicits their disrespect.

What is your history in relationships?

Consider your behavior.

Are you brash and quick-tempered with your boyfriend?

Do you ever think first before speaking?

Guys internalize their emotions.

When they are talked down to by a partner, they absorb it for a period of time, but eventually lose it.

You don’t realize it, but every time you yell, the angst within him piles on.

Then, it is released.

Either he speaks out in a vituperative or disrespect way or he does something disrespectful in his actions.

He has never been this loud or harsh in his actions and you are shell-shocked.

Instantly, you surmise he is disrespectful without once thinking about how you have been treating him over the course of the relationship.

Blinding yourself to your own idiosyncrasies and misbehavior within a relationship hampers you from having to look at yourself.

As human beings we don’t like looking at ourselves and doing a frank assessment of how we behave.

Nevertheless, you have to do an introspection.

Now, this is not to say that you are the cause of your boyfriend’s disrespectful ways, but looking at your own behavior within the relationship from every perspective gives you a better idea of whether you are a catalyst for his behavior.

Being a catalyst for his behavior means you need to change how you behave.

Learn to talk to your boyfriend, not yell or point fingers when you are unhappy.

This practice is your shot at saving a relationship that has been tarnished by your behavior.

On the other hand, upon doing a forthright introspection from every perspective and concluding that you aren’t disrespectful in the relationship, then and only then, do you look at your boyfriend.

He has a bad character.

How often are you in a relationship with a boyfriend who has disrespectful ways?

Once, twice, thrice, etc.,?

Reevaluate your past relationships.

In looking back and realizing that this is not the first boyfriend that has been disrespectful with you, you have established a pattern of behavior.

This means you don’t solve this by breaking up with said boyfriend alone.

Doing this leads you right back into a new relationship with yet another boyfriend who exhibits disrespect towards you in time.

Rather, come to terms with uncovering that this is a pattern of behavior on your part and figure out what about these guys constantly draws you to them.

There are characteristics they share that attracts you to men like this.

You fall for it every time.

Their debonair attitude.


High social status.

Flirtatious charm.

Whatever it is, find where the patterns are.

Your task now is to break up with this boyfriend and use what you have now learned about your pattern of behavior in choosing boyfriends to make smarter choices in future boyfriends.

Change it up.

You don’t have to settle, but look for the warning signs.

A new guy that comes into your life who bears the characteristics that has left you swooned over previous disrespectful boyfriends has to be avoided.

Otherwise, this cycle never ends.


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