Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend For His Disrespectful Ways?

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Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend For His Disrespectful Ways?Breaking up with your boyfriend for his disrespectful ways doesn’t really solve the problem.

All you will most likely do is either get back with him or enter another similar relationship.

Obviously, this only exacerbates the problem and does nothing to resolve it.

Your approach to this shouldn’t be one of brashness. You really need to think things through.

Look back into your past relationships and ask yourself if there is a history of this. Have boyfriends in your past been just as disrespectful?

If they have, this problem obviously stems from either the types of boyfriends that you tend to have or the way you interact with them.

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In other words, you really do need to take a look at yourself and your habits.

Do you ever find yourself being brash and quick tempered with your boyfriend? Do you ever find yourself not really thinking things through before you speak, thereby causing pain?

Guys tend to internalize their emotions. They will allow themselves to be talked down to and take it for a while before they eventually lose it. This could be the situation that you face with your boyfriend. This may be why you believe him to be disrespectful.

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A guy will allow a lot to be said and done to him by the girl he cares about until he reaches that point where he can’t take it anymore.

Hence, he speaks out for himself. You notice this behavior and surmise that he is disrespectful without once thinking about how you may have been treating him over the course of the relationship.

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It can be very easy to be blind to your own idiosyncrasies within a relationship. In order to see that you may have not been the most supportive partner over the course of the relationship, you often have to take a step outside the relationship and look in.

Now, this is not to say that indeed you are the cause of your boyfriend’s disrespectful ways but it does help to think about what role you play in all this. If you feel that you do nothing to warrant the disrespect, you may be with a boyfriend who has a bad character.

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This is where you should reevaluate your past relationships and ask yourself whether you often find yourself in this position.

If indeed you look back and realize that this is not the first boyfriend that has been disrespectful with you, you should start changing the types of boyfriends you have.

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The reason why you need this evaluation of your past relationships is because like mentioned earlier, breaking up with this boyfriend would be pointless if all you are going to do is get another boyfriend just like them.

Your task is to first and foremost analyze your behavior in the relationship. Have you always been supportive or do you tend to become demanding? Then you should take a look at your history in past relationships in order to see if there is a pattern.

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When you figure out where the problem is coming from, it will be easier for you to know if you should break up with him. If this problem is due to your character, you can work on that and save the relationship.

If the problem is due to the types of boyfriends you tend to have, you should break up and ensure that your next boyfriend has a different temperament.

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The sooner you take a real evaluation of your history with the kinds of boyfriends you have had and some similarities they may have in temperament, the better.

You will be able to make the necessary adjustments and avoid being disrespected in your future relationships.

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