How Would Girls React To Your Many Scars?

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How Would Girls React To Your Many Scars?

It really depends on the type of girl that you are dealing with.

There are some girls who would have a problem with your scars.

They may look at them and think that they are unappealing.

They may immediately feel uncomfortable as well with them.

A lot of this would also have to do with their history.

A girl who is used to dating guys without scars may find it difficult to handle a guy who has lots of them.

Again, she may simply feel uneasy around them.

Oftentimes, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she even finds you unattractive.

She may simply have a negative mindset about scars.

Scars are often portrayed in the media as evil, ugly and bad.

Think about some of the most popular horror movies.

Movies like A Nightmare On Elm Street or even Friday the 13th.

The antagonists have scars.

They may shield them with a mask but the scars are still there.

Growing up with these kinds of images from the media, some girls would connote scars to evil and bad.

They do so subconsciously when they are younger.

By the time they are grown, those perceptions have been embedded into their subconscious, making it that much harder to get rid of them.

Hence, you will discover that a lot of girls who do find scars unattractive do so because of what they have stored in their subconscious from a very young age.

Those girls who have no problem with lots of scars are the ones who weren’t affected psychologically by what they saw on screen growing up.

They also tend to be the types of girls that look for a deeper meaning in a mate that goes beyond simple physical attraction.

These types of girls want to be stimulated mentally more so than physically.

This is how they are hardwired. Hence, when they look for a mate, they are motivated by that person’s personality more so than that person’s outward appearance.

There are those girls who are attracted to scars on a physical level as well.

Unlike the girls described above who find more meaning in personality than outward appearance, these girls actually find scars to be visibly appealing.

Oftentimes, unlike the girls who grew up being shown fearful portrayals of scarred antagonists, these girls had very positive experiences with scars growing up.

They may of had healthy interactions with a family member who had lots of scars.

Also, growing up, they may have even seen those scars that were portrayed in the media as negative to be the exact opposite of that.

In other words, they may have empathized with that scarred antagonist.

They may have felt that to always pick on the lonely scarred antagonist, who more than likely had an abusive childhood, only to make the viewers have someone to despise, was cruel and unfair.

As a result, they take the side of the antagonist and actually root for them.

In the end though, your priority shouldn’t be your scars and how girls will perceive them.

Your priority should be to show girls that you love and accept yourself.

You are not preoccupied with your scars because you are too busy enjoying life.

This kind of attitude will attract the right girl to you regardless of your scars.

It will also give you a sense of pride in who you are.

The more you learn and grow, the more accomplished you will feel.

This raises your sense of self-esteem, thereby making you that much more appealing to girls.

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