Do Guys Like Girls Who Lift Weights?

Guys like girls who are in good physical shape.

There is a limit to how far most guys will go.

If you lift weights and you are well-toned, a guy can actually be attracted to this.

However, if you lift weights and you are very muscular, most guys may be intimidated or even turned off by this.

So it really depends to what extreme you lift weights.

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If you are the size of a Ms Olympia for example, you may be too big for most guys.

Guys do have egos and a lot of them may be worried about the size difference between you.

This may not appear that attractive to him.

A guy often worries about the image he portrays. He still wants to feel like the guy in the relationship.

If you are extremely muscular and larger than him in this sense, he may find it hard to allow himself to be seen with you.

Most guys are into a girl who is physically smaller than he is. It allows the guy to feel like he is the guy in the relationship and is fulfilling his role as the protector.

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Also understand that body proportions tend to be very important to guys.

A guy would typically want to date a girl who he believes is well-proportioned to her frame.

There is a natural look that guys tend to look for in a girl. He often wants her to have the right proportions in the right places without being overly-abundant in certain areas.

There is something about balance that guys tend to love when they are looking for a mate.

A girl who lifts weights and takes it to the extreme may not have that kind of natural balance. There may be parts of her that just don’t appear natural to a guy like this. There may be parts of her that are way too big or hard for the frame that she was born with or given by nature.

This lack of balanced proportions can be a total turn off to guys.

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He may not want to be with a girl that he just feels has too much going on in parts that he doesn’t feel a girl should have size in.

For example, if your biceps are three times the size of his own because of the weights you have been lifting, a guy may feel like there is a lack of proportion and balance there.

He may feel like this girl is truly not having that natural look of proportion and shape that a girl should have.

If you have a chest that is harder and more defined with muscle than his, he may also find this to be unnatural.

In the end, it really boils down to how far you take this.

Lifting weights can do wonders for your shape and tone.

Many guys will appreciate a girl in good physical shape.

However, once that shape becomes dominated by large muscles in places that most guys feel that muscles shouldn’t be on a girl, this is where he may stop admiring and start becoming turned off.

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