Is It Really My Location That Is The Reason Why I Never Found A Good Man?

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Is It Really My Location That Is The Reason Why I Never Found A Good Man?Sometimes, your location can be a detriment to finding the right kind of man for you.

Indeed, there may be good men in your location.

These good men may simply not be the right kind of men for you. This predicament can be incredibly frustrating and is often the case when you live in a smaller town, island or village.

There are only so many people to go around.

Locations this small will often have people who have very similar views, behaviors and propensities.

You may honestly feel like the odd one out.

If you lived in locations like I just mentioned and you never found good men, it may have been because you are of a different temperament than those around you.

You may be looking for a man that has some similarities with you and doesn’t follow the herd mentality.

Perhaps you are more independent minded.

Perhaps you have a totally different worldview.

There are reasons why you have not been meeting the right kind of good man for you where you are located.

This can also work the other way around.

If you have been living in the big city, you may not be meeting the right kind of good man for you because your personality or worldview may be at odds with that of those who live in that city.

Something else that you should also consider is what kind of man it is that you are actually looking for.

If your criteria is too heavy, it may actually not be your location that is the problem. It may actually be you.

When you have this fantasized notion of what your man should be like and sound like, you may be creating a man that doesn’t truly exist.

You should really watch for this and determine how you have been thinking.

Are you looking for the perfect man?

If that is the case, it is unlikely you will find him, whether you live in a small town or the big city.

You really have to be realistic in your approach to love and relationships.

Everyone is going to have issues. No one is going to be the perfect mate.

He will make mistakes and if you are with him long enough, he will show you sides of him that may not be that appealing.

However, this is part of what makes relationships interesting.

When you are able to accept his imperfections and realize that you have imperfections of your own, you will be able to appreciate the good in your relationship and may be willing to grow with this person as individuals and as a team.

So, do determine what kind of man you believe you want.

Don’t get carried away with what you have read in romance novels or watched in the movies.

You may have also never found a good man because you may not have been adventurous enough in your location. In other words, there may be parts of your location that have these good men but you may have to seek them out.

If you got into the routine of going to the same places at your location over and over again, you were hindering yourself from possibly meeting a good man.

You should ensure that you don’t get stuck doing this whether you stay at your current location or choose to move.

You have to be willing to explore.

Go somewhere within your location that you have never been before. Be willing to expose yourself to new people.

Hence, you do have to be proactive and willing to take some chances with where and how you socialize.

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