How Much Do You Change Your Appearance To Suit Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend’s Taste?

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How Much Do You Change Your Appearance To Suit Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend's Taste?

A boyfriend or girlfriend should be a positive influence in your life.

Here is your chance to learn about someone else and possibly pick up new knowledge and habits that enrich and enhance your own life.

Changing your appearance should never be done solely to suit your boyfriend or girlfriend’s taste.

This person is already your boyfriend or girlfriend, which suggests a supposed acceptance of who you are.

To now change your appearance to suit their taste screams manipulation.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend should already be accepting of you.

Getting into a relationship with you to then expect that you start making changes to your appearance to suit their taste and appease them suggests an unwillingness to accept you for who you are and this is always a red flag.

Now, making a change to your appearance after having observed just how much you love your boyfriend or girlfriend’s appearance is a different approach.

Making a change to your appearance with this mindset is something that furthers your personal growth.

Perhaps you never had very good dress sense before you met your partner.

Now that you have been around them in this relationship, you love their taste in clothes and ask their help in giving you a better eye for fashion.

This is totally different.

It’s a much healthier way of approaching a change to your appearance.

Anchored with a righteous intention of improving your dress sense, you are using your partner’s good taste in fashion to help you improve yours.

You are not making this change in appearance to suit your partner’s taste.

Your partner has made no such request from you.

Your intention is personal growth.

Wanting to become a better dresser, you learn from your partner and in turn change your appearance for the better.

A healthier approach to any major change in a relationship is when it is done with the intention of having positive personal growth, not with the intention of suiting your partner’s taste.

Again, they chose to become your boyfriend or girlfriend knowing full well what they were getting.

Making demands or strongly insinuating that you make a change now that they are in a relationship with you is always worrisome and points to a partner who never had good intentions to start with.

They consciously started a relationship with you knowing that once they got you invested in them emotionally, they would demand changes.

With such selfish and manipulative intentions, partners like these only lead to toxicity.

Even if the change they seek is physical in nature, be weary.

If you are overweight, they already knew this before they chose to get into a relationship with you.

To now insist that you lose weight is a major red flag.

Now, it’s a different story if you genuinely want to lose weight for your own good.

A boyfriend or girlfriend should be a positive influence in your life.

If you admire their healthy lifestyle and have become inspired to imitate them, this should come from an innate desire within you to do so and not from pressure they put on you each day to lose weight.

This is the healthiest approach to changing your appearance.

An innate desire to become more than what you are, having gained inspiration from a partner who has made no such request.

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