I Don’t Know If I Should Ask My Crush Out?

I Don't Know If I Should Ask My Crush Out?

Asking your crush out is what you must do.

You have clearly been thinking about doing it for some time.

The one thing that has been making you hesitate is your fear of rejection.

This is what scares the bulk of men when it comes to asking out a crush or someone they are attracted to.

You are so concerned with the prospect of getting rejected, you keep procrastinating in asking your crush out.

Procrastination works against you.

If there is any chance she is into you, the longer you wait, the likelier she loses that interest and moves on.

Girls are constantly at the crosshairs of guys.

It won’t be long before a guy who isn’t as concerned about being rejected, asks her out.

Should she say yes, and hit if off with the guy, you have lost her.

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Imagine a world where you are seeing her walking around hand in hand with some other guy who had the courage to ask her out.

That is a much worse world than the world you live in now.

Although you worry about being rejected, imagine how you will feel should you see her walking around with a new boyfriend.

Instantly, in that moment, you regret that you never asked her out.

Unfortunately, at this juncture, it is too late.

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Do you want to be in this position?

Of course you don’t.

Hopefully, this inspires you to make a move in asking out your crush.

Listen, rejection isn’t an indication of your self-worth.

Too many people worry about rejection and what that says about their level of physical attractiveness and personal value.

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You shouldn’t do this.

Not everyone is going to be attracted to you.

No one is attracted to every one.

Being rejected by your crush is not a signal that no one else is capable of finding you attractive.

You need to stop taking rejection so personally.

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In some ways, it screams of hubris to believe that every crush you like should be attracted to you too.

That isn’t how the world works.

Keeping this in mind, don’t take it personally if you ask her out and she turns you down.

Too many guys make the mistake of taking rejection so personally that it keeps them from making moves on asking out other girls.

This is a scarcity mindset.

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A scarcity mindset is one that has you believing that a rejection from your crush portends a life of loneliness with no other dating options.

This is never the right approach.

What I am telling you is that you need to have an abundance mindset.

Guys who win with women have an abundance mindset.

They don’t take it personally when a woman rejects them because they know there is a world full of women and some of these women are bound to like them.

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Develop this attitude in your day to day life and you never have to worry about rejection.

This is mentally freeing.

When you have no fear of rejection, asking out a crush or any future crush is second nature.

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